For Sale IRR DPM Patrol Sack

Direct from manufacturer in sunny Devon (not Arktis). DPM IRR Patrol sack, approximately 40 litres capacity with various attachment points for other gear.
NSN 8465-99-869-3875 only differs from issue item by having manufacturers label instead of Mod one.
£50 plus £7 for delivery (royal mail special delivery) normally sold with another label by the likes of Silvermans for £80+
20 available in standard DPM and one Gucci Desert DPM for the inner walt
Before anyone asks no i didn't nick em and they are definately not Web-tex
pm me for more info pictures i have sold these and other items on the dreaded ebay so you can check that i am genuine
hmmm. pics please!
lol. looks good, but exactly the same as the issue one...
Soldier_5, only difference is the label, the manufacturer makes the issue item, check out ISIS or WNMCTRL with the NSN and it should give manufacturers details, not rangemaster and certainly not Web-crap.
oh ok sorry.
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