FOR SALE: H-S Precision Stock for Remington 700 SA plus 2 magazines


******* NOW SOLD **********

Many thanks for all interests.

As above for Remington 700 short action with varmint barrels. Used but in very good condition.

Aluminium bedded with palm swells. Trigger guard and two sling studs included.

Pictures of the stock and magazines attached. (more info on the mags here where they are £71 each plus postage) - but (in addition to the stated calibres) they also take 22-250's and other non-magnum rounds.

£215 posted.


T. 07860 511741


I've taken the liberty of asking our club secretary to post it on our club newsletter circulation - we have over 250 members in our little club...




Its a pity you cant just drop the ADL action straight in!
Its a pity you cant just drop the ADL action straight in!
Why won't the ADL fit? I thought it was still based on a 700 series action but the ADL has no floorplate or removable mag so all unused rounds have to be ejected using the bolt?

I would have thought - with new bottom mags - the ADL should fit?

Am I wrong on this?


Dont know, I thought the ADL came with feed lips on the action which are normally on the magazine so machining would be needed.
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