For Sale: Full Callaway Golf Set - 4 x Woods, 7 x Irons/wedges, 1 x Putter

Hi Scumbags

I've a full set of callway items to sell. It's a 14 pc Set of Premium, Quality Callaway clubs.

This Right-Hand set only used twice comprises of:

  • Driver – Callaway Razr Hawk 10.5º Aloila Graphite Regular Shaft Draw Bias
  • Fairway1 – Callaway Razr Hawk 3FW W-60G Regular graphite shaft
  • Fairway2 - Callaway Hawk 5FW W-60G Regular graphite shaft
  • Utility - Callaway Diablo Edge Tour 3H 21º H-70G Regular Shaft
  • Irons - Callaway Diablo Edge Uniflex Steel Shafts 5-S (#5,#6,#7,#8,#9,PW,SW)
  • Wedge - Callaway X-Series Jaws 52-12 Forged
  • Putter - Odyssey White Ice Dart Blade 34” Shaft
  • Bag - Callaway FT Fusion Cart Bag, contains rain hood, umbrella pouch, pockets galore

This is your chance to own some of the best clubs on the tour today.

" I didn't get where I was today without Callaway Clubs like these"
- Rick Ashley, Pop legend and scratch player*

Feel free to ask questions, although anything involving Nuclear Fusion and/or Aldi prices of Washing powder may be ignored/blagged/reported

C'mon I know there's a bunch of super-fit handsome ex-soldiers out there with feck all to do except look fantastic on the golf course, but now you can look fantastic and play like a demon too.

Don't miss this opportunity to;
a) Blag a bargain off a simpleton like myself
b) Impress your friends with how much you've saved on these barely used quality clubs
c) Er . . .
d) That's it!

Make me a sensible offer and within a short time you'll be the envy of the golf club, including the arrogant Club Captain with the limp and fat mistress









*- may not be true that Rick Ashley plays golf or is a pop legend

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