For Sale:Emporio Armani Sunglasses

Genuine Emporio Armani sunglasses only been used a couple of times, they were £120, im willing to listen to any offers (make it reasonable people)

Code on the arm of the sunglasses is EA 9364/S 003N2 115

use that code to get a picture of the sunglasses up...

reply if interested
Crap, I knew it was a stupid idea to buy a pair of £120 sun glasses, please someone take them off my hands LOL!
Mr_Deputy said:
you should give me em for free - i just spent three full days staring at your avatar picture.
is she finished yet?
LoL I dont want her to finish, they have got to be the best titties i have ever seen lol.. Anyway, no you cannot have them for free lol.

And the other guy, what does 10pfg mean :? :oops:
10 pfennig. Old German money, the days of the Deutchmark etc. Any squaddie serving in Germany back in the days before the euro will probably understand.

Oh, 10pfg was worth around 3p
Sounds like a good deal too me, but i'll have to turn it down, I wasnt expecting that much.
Just as well, I only have 2 10pfg coins left! I'll not part with them! I also have a £200 pair of Oakleys ;)

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