for sale downhill frame and loadsa extras

alrite guys an gals.
i'm selling whats left of my old downhill bike. it's currently on ebay but i can take it down for the right offer (£350) for pick up otherwise whomever buy's it will need to arange a courier.

bike is in excellent condition, very few marks considering it has been used.

anyway a full description of the bike and components is here.

coyote dh3 downhill freeride frame + extras dh fr | eBay

i can get pictures of all the parts that are listed if you want.

this is an absolute bargain. there is another dh3 on ebay for £350 without any other parts!!

£350 for a bike with no wheels, are aware Tescos are sellng fully wheeled bikes for £70?

ANd another thing "Downhill Bike" what happens if I want to go uphill? (Just like Jarrod!) :)
Were the wheels chained to the railings, when you got the bike ?:)
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