For sale; dave cooper bike rack



See; Bike Racks & Trailers Supplier UK - Dave Cooper

Purchased 2 weeks ago and fitted to car (Corsa), added trials bike and found the trials bike over hung to far on each side for my liking.

Removed immediately and purchased trailer.

This is the heavy duty zinc coated bike rack, (not the cheaper light weight painted versions that are available).

Will carry most off road motorbikes.

The bike rack is more suited to an estate car/people carrier/van.

Rack not suitable for use with a swan hook type tow bar.

I paid £70 for the bike rack and open to fair offers. (A donation will be made to Hols4Heroes if sold via ARRSE).

Also available light board which I paid £30 for.

Bike rack is in Milton Keynes but I am prepared to deliver to barracks in the area, i.e. Bicester, Kineton, Dalton Brks, Henlow etc.

Please PM me for more info.


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