For Sale, Dale the Snail

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For Sale, or rent

one hardly used (or is that used quite hard) Arrser.

Runs on alcohol, colour, colour pinky/whitey/green (depending on alcohol/blood mix. this should always be kept at a 50/50 mix for winter and summer)

Size, small to scrawny
also available for use as an Ironing Board.
Hourly rates preferred. Discounts for group bookings.

MOD discounts.

try before you buy available.

no arrse kickers.

Please PM Dale Direct for more information

(MODS please note this was done at the snails request, though she was raging about some 'cnut' at the time)
I suppose the 300 gallons of spunk inside her might be worth a bit. It could be flogged to a science place thingy for the Genome project. It would be like carbon dating a whole civilisation.
Oracle said:
First offer:

is that to buy/rent or to goku to take her away?
I'll do it for a tenner. You give me a tenner and I'll take her away.(far far away).
£20 is the buying price - I may consider renting her to others at a later date in order to recoup my £20 and possibly even make a profit.
Bloody hell!!!!

Could you even GIVE her away?
I'm selling/renting her out as a kind of pimp/slave trader figure.

c'mon folks, whats your best offer? somebody buy her or I shall be forced to release her into the wild. I warn you, she's talking about being single again.... somebody has to do the honourable thing, I'll ask the MODs to dedicate a part of the site to whoever takes one for the side.. maybe a medal too?

Whats the worst that could happen?
Best offer so far is £20, needs to be a big bag of wine gums to beat that.


I’ll give you a bag of wine gums( with black ones), a week old half can of Stella, a mouldy pizza crust, plus 20p.

I could do with a slave to wash my unmentionables.

or I could dispose of her for you
Jesus Goku,I'm going to have to empty all my pockets now!!
Right here we go,same as Goku plus 2lb of belly button fluff,1lb of toe nail clippings and a Nolan sisters CD.
anyone to shy to bid on the thread can bid by pm....
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