For sale; Climbing Equipment

Due to health problems and a change of direction I have for sale;


BLACK DIAMOND CLIMBING HELMET (HALF DOME) complete with helmet bag, UN blue coloured, and brand new, never used (required as I was instructed to show one when doing belaying on indoor wall but was never required to wear it!!!). £40-00

BLACK DIAMOND HARNESS (DYNO) Green & black, very light use on inside climbing walls, used for belaying. £50-00

BLACK DIAMOND BOD SIT HARNESS, light weigth, black, very light use on inside climbing walls, used for belaying. £45-00

PETZL CHILDS CLIMBING HARNESS MERCURY, never used complete with lables and carry bag, size Small, £30-00

BEAL ROPE 50 Metres, 10-5MM, White with black/red flecks, Brand new/unused, still wrapped in factory plastic securing straps, dry stored. ££70-00

ROCA ROPE 50 Metre, 10-5 MM, Green/black unused for climbing but out of factory plastic securing straps due to being used to demostrate rope packing, dry stored. £70-00

MOUNTAIN EQUIPMENT CHALK BAG COMPLETE WITH KONG CARBINA, Black, light use in very good condition. £tbc

FIGURE 8 CLOGG BELAYER, Silver coloured, very light use on indoor walls. £16-00

BRO BELAYER, Black/green coloured, very light use on indoor walls. £15-00

RED CHILI CLIMBING SHOES, Black/light tan in colour, very light use, sized to fit 8ish & tight fit. £60-00

ASSORTED CARABINERS/QUICK DRAWS by BLACK DIAMOND, HB, FADERS, mainly coloured matched red/silver as new/unused.

Black Diamond quick draws matched pairs x 2 at £13-50 pair,

HB Clipper quickdraw £12-00

Fader 45010s carabiner £7-50,
Fader 45012s carabiner £8-50,

ATOM HMS S/G carabiner £9-00,

VAUDE RUCKSACK 65/75 Litre, POLARIS, Red in colour, good condition hold all the above. £25-00,

I will post photos later.

Please PM for further details and to make a fair offer.

I can deliver to Bicester or you can visit me in Milton Keynes.

All of the above purchased to satisfy the Safety Officer and to have spare kit available if required.

Apart from the harnesses, I used equipment provided by the climbing wall companies and the above have been dry stored.

Due to the SAFETY aspect with this equipment, I would prefer to sell face to face and allow the buyer to fully inspect it.


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