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For sale - Caterpillar



For Sale

One furry caterpillar, with long black fur and slight brown markings on it.
Found while monging on exercise and needs a good home.

£75,000 ono

Have also got a Daddy Long Legs if you're interested...
How about a trade.

One foot long rat, one careful owner, found running across the shell of a building I live in. Great appetite large hole in the back of reggie T-shirt to prove it.

Would consider throwing in the two dead mice found under the Ops room table. Not great conversationalist but are very obedient “sit still”, “play dead”, “make a big stink” well done you two.
What the mice?    or.....er.....
                                                                               (Keep it clean)       yes they are. Not sure about the doorstops, shove a stick up its arrse and it makes a nice washing up brush though.


yes, it can poo on request (usually with a little help from a squeeze of fingers)
You can trim it's fur - great for kids.
Produces a tickly feeling as it crawls up their arms, but can leave a trail of poo if not careful (especially if said child has squeezed it a little too hard).

Hours of fun for all the family.


War Hero
How about a trade for one of my dead bodies that I can't fit under the patio?


War Hero
Did I say that bit out loud?
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