For Sale: British Militia

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Purple_Flash, Jul 27, 2002.

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  1. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    For Sale:  British Militia

    (Previously known as the Bristish Army until numbers fell below 100,000)

    Extremely professional and well qualified army, once well equipped and financed, now sadly dilapidated due to several careless owners.  Would suit small country with a government with any interest in defence.  Nations with a Treasury that does not have a pathological hatred of soldiers will receive preferential consideration.  Countries with a strong technological and light industry capability with the capacity to produce a communications system and a reliable rifle in less than 20 years would prove suitable owners.

    Potential national owners must have a gsoh when evaluating present equipment, pay and allowances with a view to purchase.
  2. Nice advert, but you could have added that a prerequisite of a sale is that the purchasing government SHOULD NOT be full of spineless, backstabbing choppers and SHOULD say what they mean and do what they say.

    I know that might narrow down the potential buyers, but at least we won't get the same bunch back trying to get the same service on the cheap.... oh sorry, they've been doing that since they got in!  :-[
  3. Shouldn't that read....

    For sale British Militia- Have Guns, will travel ?

    No job too big or too small, chirpy cockney types in abundance, well known for completing jobs they set out to do, with minimal help.Sense of humor at all times, Morale Suppression devices optional.

    Especially good for protection duties, especially where mineral rights are concerned.

    Apply to -Bloke in charge, care of The Big House, Whitehall SW1, or Sandline Int.

    References  - Mr K. Bill, Mr. A Hitler, Mr. S. Hussein and numerous other tinpot dictators with ideas above their station.
  4. Loved it! Fantastic bit of satire. Its a real shame history keeps repeating its self. Probably cos those responsible slept through all their history lessons or skipped them to watch sons and daughters or what ever afternoon diversions where on when they where at uni.
    If by chance any of them should be visitors on this site (nosey or paranoid?)
    PAY ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!
    Stop the rot. Don't waste what we've got.
    The best armed forces in the world
    For how much longer? :'(