For Sale - Body Hair

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Snips, Jul 31, 2002.

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  1. Forthcoming holiday forces reluctant sale.

    Underarm, leg and bikini line hair for sale.

    Freshly shaved,    
    bikini hair slightly curly,
    one previous owner,

    £50 the lot ono (that's 'or naff off')
  2. I know a few bald people, I'll ask about for you.
  3. If they're after the curly bikini hair, I could produce a lot more for them but that would mean me being bald!! :D
  4. Is that an offer, suggestion or rejection?  I wouldn't ask for opinions here, you know what the majority verdict would be!
  5. shaven haven per chance?
  6. No comment, I wouldn't want to speak for the masses without speaking to them first!
  7. from a ladie's point of view - there is something slightly sexy about a bald man - would you agree F_S?

    There is probably something sexy about a bald woman to a man but I can't possibly comment on that one! ;)
  8. I've got a fairly unoticable scar about 2 inches diameter on my crown from when I was born.  Apparently the nurse dented me with the forceps or something as I was entering the world.  Its quite fun though because everyone knows I'm not going bald but is too shy to ask what it is and so think I've been in some in heroic accident or something!

    As for women being bald, all I'll say is the smoother they are, the longer I'll do it for.....  No I won't share my record times wiv ya!
  9. I must admit I like girls to be "natural".  Did know a bloke once who liked his girlfriends "bald".  I think he is still in and now quite senior!!!!
  10. each to their own I say!
    I am not an African Bush Queen that needs to 'mow' my lawn every so often, more a careful gardner who likes to keep his hedges trim.
    I also don't completely mow the lawn, except if I go on holiday and then it's cut right back. Don't want the bush growing out of the side now do we?
  11. Each to their own indeed.  Carefull gardening is to be encouraged.  That's the problem with stuff in the garden.  Flowers need watering, and that can be difficult when you go away (until you have drunk a couple of pints of sangria), and those bushy off shoots can look rather untidy.  
  12. Theres no point having a well kept pitch if no one plays on it though ;)
  13. oh I totally agree Mr Shadow, a beautiful pitch should be regularly watered with the largest of hosepipes!
  14. I'm guessing your knowledge of handling long weapons and making sure they only go off in controlled circumstances would be a good match for gardeners across the land then.
  15. Sorry missed most of this thread, if I'm going to buy I need to know the colour?? ;)