For Sale; BMW 3 Series (325Ci Sport)

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Moodybitch, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. Hello all

    OH is selling his car and I said I would put on here in case any of you were interested. Details below;

    325Ci Sport - Soft Top Convertible
    Silver with Blue Roof
    Grey Leather Interior
    Heated Seats
    M3 Body Kit
    6 Month Warranty
    50,000 Miles On Clock
    Last Serviced 4 Months Ago

    Included in Sale;

    CD PLayer with 12inch Amp
    6 CD Changer
    Bluetooth Handsfree Kit

    Fitted Child Safety Seat (If you want it)

    If anyone is interested, pm me and I will give you his number to call on.

    I don't have pics yet but in case any of you don't know what model it is, its below...shamelessly robbed from Google Images


  2. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    Has it had one?
  3. no it hasn't
  4. How about useful info like:

    Year of manufacture?

  5. Year: 2003

    Price: Call him to discuss costs
  6. Try ebay with a reserved price !
  7. thanks for that david fcuking dickenson
  8. Sorry to try and help,

    a reserved price does mean you dont sell it unless you get the a price that is suitable to you, never know may get a higher offer than you expect, also put in a clause that you can, pull out of ebay if you find a buyer privatly. =|
  9. 1 careful female driver?
  10. It's not my car. I just stuck it on here as a favour. I'm not his agent so unless someone on here is interested in it, he can stick it on EBay himself.
  11. aer you insinuating moody is gay? or that her OH is a big girls' blouse :wink:
  12. How much please?
  13. 16k but if you are serious and would like to speak to him then pm me and I'll give you his number
  14. Can I have his number please?

    Its not cos I'm interested in the car, but I run a Men's Self-Help Group, and we are doing a session called 'Living with Mentalists' and need a guest speaker. :wink: