For sale: Belleville 340 DES ST Desert Boots

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Gunner_Bill, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. I bought these excellent desert boots direct from the USA recently for work in North Africa. Unfortunately they were too big!

    They are US size 12.0 Wide. The insole measures 12 1/4" at its longest and 4 5/16" at its widest. Equivalent UK size is probably also 12(ish), the manufacturer since advised me that the DES boots are 1/2 size bigger than standard US sizes.

    Check out this link for full spec: Belleville 340 DES ST

    They seen about 6 hours sandy service in the desert and do not stink. Apart from being a bit dusty they are in "as new" condition.

    If any of you lucky chaps are heady off for our military ventures in warmer climbs then these boots are perfect.

    Oh yes - they have steel toe caps too.

    Total cost to me (excluding shipping but including UK import tax) was £110.

    Sensible offers are therefore required (PM for further details).

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  2. I could also be tempted with a "swap"...