for sale: Arc'teryx Alpha Jacket (LEAF) Crocodile, Large

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Ipkiss, Jan 8, 2012.

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  1. I'm aware that this is my first post, but I have been someone who stops by now and then to see for any interesting reviews. But now I have an item for sale and I thought let's put it on here as well.

    So here goes:

    A brand new, undamaged top notch Arc'teryx Alpha jacket
    Sized L
    colour Crocodile

    This jacket was specially ordered but is too large (unable to return, bastards).
    Reference price on Uktactical is a solid GBP 630. I'll be happy with GBP 500. I'm aware that this might cost you your marriage, but this one WILL take better care of you ;-)
    Bids are welcome.

  2. For the love of God why did you pay so much?
  3. Who is modelling it? The Invisible Man?
  4. I paid a little less, new price in the Netherlands is around € 700. If you know arc'teryx, you know it's worth it. I'm also wearing a TAD gear spectre (if anyones interested in that, I might sell it for GBP 325). It's just built to such high standards, if it was a car it'll probably be called Mclaren ;-)
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  6. I should be able to post a pic in the next couple of days. This is no scam. Can't ceep both jackets or she'll kill. (Which, if fact she tried when I told her I bought it..)
  7. If you consider buying such stuff in the future, look at a Mk1 bin bag.
  8. Or if anyone has slightly* more sense than money they could nip over to ebay and pay approx £300 for the exact same thing, with TAD Gear spectre going for under £200.

    *very, very slightly
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  9. Oh my god 700 beer tokens for a shell?

    Jesus what else does it do?

    As a self confessed gear monster even thats made me wince :)

    If you ordered it specially then you new the size you wanted?

    How do consumer right effect you in the Netherlands?
  10. Ipkiss, your initials aren't F P-R, are they?
  11. Mine is large and slightly too big, however, I paid £125 new for mine...great jacket though!
  12. 500 quid? Down from 630? Dear God!
  13. Well phoenix if you could be so kind to show me where..
    Price is negotiable, of course. But it'll be have to be slightly more than 300.
  14. LEAF version will be more than that, they always are.
    I seen the civvy variant cheaper than that!