For sale - Aircraft Carrier, good condition, 1 careful owner

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by sunoficarus, Mar 25, 2011.

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  1. I understand a certain Mr. Gadaffi is interested if the price is good.
  2. So tempted to press the "Add to cart" button!
  3. One careful owner!!

  4. Wait til Admiral Jorge Godoy bids
  5. Could end up being the ultimate humble pie and waste even more money and buy back our own carrier!
  6. Very sad, I recall a similar post last year for the Invincible :(
  7. You'd think they'd at least put a guide price up! Or even a decent "Reason for Sale". Like, country going fuckin' bankrupt and can't afford the running costs, or even big it up a bit and put downsizing the country so trying to clear some room for smaller stock.
    Even better, no more planes so what's the point?
  8. Had a look at that site, HMS Exeter, Nottingham and Southampton are on there aswell, if I'd won the Euro millions tonight one of them could have made a pretty exclusive yacht!
  9. As the UNSCR 1973 ban on ground forces precludes basing aircraft on Libyan soil, perhaps there's still time to get some Apache gunships on board Invincible for use as she's towed past on her way to a Turkish scrapyard. Or will they be based 500 nm away in Italy too?
    HMS Invincible leaves Portsmouth 24 Mar 2011.jpg
  10. Do you reckon that the 4.5's autoloader could be converted to take bottles of wine, for when your sunbathing and can't be bothered to go to the wine locker. I suppose you better check there are no powder charges left, Im sure the locals of Monte Carlo will be non too pleased with high velocity bottles of Savignon Blanc smashing through their appartment windows.
  11. Give ya 50 bucks for it.
  12. That would be a bit demeaning. Better to do an ad like the brokerage ads at the back of Yachting Magazine " 185 foot 2002 Perini Navi built, 3 decks, swimming pool, Bell helicopter shown on flight deck included. Motivated seller, seller taking delivery of larger yacht soon"
  13. oldbaldy

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  14. Sounds like a great idea, as a country we are crap at keeping our history and the Ark is one big bit of that, look at how many warships the states have kept as museums, even India are wanting to keep Hermes as a museum! Of all the famous ships we have put to sea hardly any survive, non of the big Battleships were kept which is a shame. Look how popular USS Intrepid is in New York! We should keep the Ark and stop her from ending up on some Asian beach being cut up for mopeds. The idea of using her deck space for Police choppers or similar is great, imagine the cost saving instead of having to use expensive floor space in or around London. I would pay to visit her, although I had a fantastic tour of every possible bit of her in 07 by a cracking RPO.