FOR SALE: 54 Plate Type-R

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by nips, Aug 23, 2006.

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  1. PM Me for further Info.

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  2. Nice motor, pity its silver. If it was red I might have been more interested.
  3. try ebay not here.
  4. already on there matey
  5. I can't scroll the pictures across. Back end looks OK though. There is a front isn't there?
  6. certainly a nice car!!
  7. Ahh that's better, scrolled it. Hmmm, bit bland. Price seems very good though. Nah, too similar to too many other cars. Thanks all the same.

    11450..............PM me Peeps
  9. Would you do a P/X on my N reg Rover 214 and 300£ cash???
  10. I'll swop it for a short stint on my missus. And a full tank of fuel.
  11. No thanks, you're missus is a dog.
  12. What makes you say that? :wink:

  13. Nice. Not into the Dog collar thing though.
  14. SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Did you get your asking price?