For Sale 4 bedroom Detached property, Bedford MK42 with tenants

I have a 4 bedroom Detached house with detached garage for sale. The property is in Bedford, postcode MK42 0RG and was a new build in Jun 1999.

The property has been let for the last 10 years and has had 3 tenants only in this time. The current tenants have been in since Apr 11 and want to stay for 2 years at least. The rental income brings in £750 per month and has done so for the last 10years.

I am prepared to sell with tenants in place for you to continue as a going buy to let concern or can serve notice if desired. The property is managed by a letting agency (same since Aug 2000) and they are great. The upkeep of the property is excellent with regular repaints etc.

The current market value is £235,000 and I will accept £210,000 for it.

Pictures can be mailed on request. The house has not yet been put on the open market but will be wef 01 Sep 11. Thought I would put it on here first and see if anyone is interested in a very good buy to let investment.

Selling as I want to buy 3 smaller properties and want to use the funds to secure the 3 deposits for these properties.

Any questions, then please mail me
i only came in here because i wanted to know what a Mk42 Bedford looked like.

i'll close the door on my way out.
The property is about to go live on the usual search engines, anyone interested in taking on a well established 4 Bed detached as a Buy to let, which has yielded my 9% per year then let me know.

The price is some £25k below market value too.

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