For Sale 4 bedroom Detached property, Bedford MK42 with tenants

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by pcljc, Aug 1, 2011.

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  1. All,
    I have a 4 bedroom Detached house with detached garage for sale. The property is in Bedford, postcode MK42 0RG and was a new build in Jun 1999.

    The property has been let for the last 10 years and has had 3 tenants only in this time. The current tenants have been in since Apr 11 and want to stay for 2 years at least. The rental income brings in £750 per month and has done so for the last 10years.

    I am prepared to sell with tenants in place for you to continue as a going buy to let concern or can serve notice if desired. The property is managed by a letting agency (same since Aug 2000) and they are great. The upkeep of the property is excellent with regular repaints etc.

    The current market value is £235,000 and I will accept £210,000 for it.

    Pictures can be mailed on request. The house has not yet been put on the open market but will be wef 01 Sep 11. Thought I would put it on here first and see if anyone is interested in a very good buy to let investment.

    Selling as I want to buy 3 smaller properties and want to use the funds to secure the 3 deposits for these properties.

    Any questions, then please mail me
  2. i only came in here because i wanted to know what a Mk42 Bedford looked like.

    i'll close the door on my way out.
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  3. LoL, wish it was a Mk42 Bedford can't imagine what it would look like. Made me chuckle anyway
  4. The property is about to go live on the usual search engines, anyone interested in taking on a well established 4 Bed detached as a Buy to let, which has yielded my 9% per year then let me know.

    The price is some £25k below market value too.