For sale 2 bedroom house in East Yorkshire

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by PapaGolf, Jun 25, 2010.

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  1. 67 Main Street Elloughton, Brough, East Yorkshire HU15 1HU. 2 bed former school building, quiet area, small rear garden, GCH, Double glazing, fitted kitchen, good access to local amenities, etc. When we let it out, it was never empty for more than a month. Decided to sell, as moving to Europe and wife won't be working. £125k valued at, sell £120k or sensible offers. Sensible please!
    Its on the web (, please have a look
  2. A nice village. Sounds close to the pub as well!
  3. But it's in the peoples republic....
  4. Yep its about 300m away from the Half Moon pub, good scoff good booze, pool table darts, fit bar maids, quiet but not too quiet as well
  5. It would be worth double without the HU postcode. Agreed tho', lovely village.
  6. Like I say, it's a very nice village and handy for the M62. Great if you work for BAe as well.
    I used to do business with a woman who ran a telephone answering service from an office above a hairdressers next to the Half Moon.
  7. YO would double it's price but DN would halve it! ;)
  8. And if it were WF you would'nt be able to give it away!.
  9. Make it DN14 and you'd get it for a tenner! :D
  10. My house in DN18 is much bigger, and worth about 20k less!
  11. Oh yeah, no chain and will bring in £450pcm (min) if rented out, if bought as an investment. Average prices for 2 bed houses in the area are £135k. So you'll be getting a good deal