For Sale - 1 x Ghost in a Jar

Currently price nearly £1200  ::)

There must be one born every minute - worra great scam, just wish I had thought of it!

Oh f*ck, I've just bid US $1,925.00 (approx. £1,181.63 ).

:eek: :eek: :eek:

You think you've got problems??

My handler was driving past the cemetery on the M1 a few years ago and felt a chill wind run down his spine.  When he looked in the mirror Michael Stone had jumped in the car with a smoking gun and 2 grenade pins.

the Army Legal Service  case for the defence rests m'lord :eek:
Thought I would check out the latest bid  


What the ****?

???  ???  ???

Also had a look using the link and came up with:

US $17,600.00 (approx. £10,792.91 )

Where does £613,294.91 come from?

Let me know if I'm looking at the wrong place. Interest only as I can't imagine why anyone would want to bid on this unless they were trying to drive the price up and that could result in severely scorched fingers the way this is going.
The bid now is £2,728.89

An awful lot of retractions going on..........see bid history!

Maybe some have SEEN the light - instead of going towards it.  ::)
Bid is up to 8 Grand....

Wish I'd thought of it  ;D


ha ha ha what a load of fcuking bollox!!!!!

I'm gonna capture all the lads f@rts in a jar and sell them for £20,000.00   the green mist will 'get you' when you open it!!!    ;D ;D ;D
Well - Gary The Gimp Horn won and paid


There's one born every minute! ;D
I Sent a  Emil to the buyer and this was his response-
The answer as to if we are the real winner of the Ghost In A Jar (auction number 2931457201) is NO. We did not win the Ghost In A Jar.

Were we serious about buying the Ghost In A Jar? The answer is yes somewhat. That reason will be explained below.

Do we believe in this stuff? Again the answer is yes somewhat. However we are not crackpots, weirdos, ect. We believe in heaven and hell, ect. ect.

The reason WHY we bid is kind of a two-part answer. The first is because we really believe the person selling the Ghost In A Jar has some issues of some kind, is a crackpot maybe, or it was just someone having fun. A smart person in my opinion would KNOW that this type of auction on eBay would draw this type of attention and ridicule (spoof auctions and yes we do have a couple spoof auctions of the Ghost In A Jar) So the first part of my yes answer was just pure amusement nothing more.

The second part of my yes answer (as to if we were serious) is simple. Its business. The seller of the Ghost In A Jar was able to generate over 500,000 actual true hits to his or her auction. The seller created quite the stir on eBay. Early this morning (June 5th 2003) one of my best friends and I purchased a couple domain names ( and If you check with whois and domain registering companies it looks as if those names are available, but they are not. The systems have not caught up yet to show us as the owners, but they were purchased through the company that provides web hosting for our businesses and domain purchases ( this morning at about 12:00pm EST.

Think about something for one minute if we did own the Ghost In A Jar, along with 2 domain names and websites, and filed for a trade mark logo as we planned to what type of attention would that bring? You saw what happened on eBay with over 500,000 actual and true page hits in a very short time. Now think about who might want to pay for advertising on those domain names works out to be a lot of money Now after you make a few dollars off the advertising you sell (or eBay) the two websites, with all advertisers, with the Ghost In A Jar $50,000 is nothing compared to what it would sell for. Some of you may not believe that but you would double that amount just with companies (persons and websites) advertising.

I wont name names (#1 because it is a close personal friend, and #2 because they are fellow eBay users such as ourselves) The thing is they put a spoof auction up some time ago They had over 6000 page hits for the spoof auction. How many of you have clicked check sellers other auctions before? Well this persons sales tripled this week and they made MONEY! All from the attention of the Ghost In A Jar. Now lets say we did win it, and we set it up for auction every week on eBay with a huge reserve yet was also selling everything under the sun lets say just 50,000 people a week saw it and out of that 10% checked your other auctions thats 5,000 people viewing your items lets say that just one percent of those 5,000 purchased something from you thats only 50 people I know.. but if the average cost of your item was ay $25.00 thats about $1,250 a week in eBay sales, PLUS you still have the advertisers on those websites paying you PLUS the Ghost In A Jar.

The trick with any fad is know when it would be time to sell and sell quick before it didnt interest people anymore so eBay off the websites, the actual Ghost In A Jar and take whatever you can get for them and what not? You already made all your money from the advertisers on the sites, additional eBay sales.

All we see from the Ghost In A Jar is just another Wheres Waldo, Wheres The Beef or the famous Pet Rock To us the Ghost In A Jar would just be used to generate more money simple as that.

In our opinion the seller of the Ghost In A Jar could have made TONS of money if they handled the listing right as well as had TONS more other items to sell in there other eBay auctions (and think about this how do we know they didnt just make TONS of money from sales where people clicked check sellers other auctions.

Would we still buy the Ghost In A Jar if it were offered? I dont know. (Depends on if my friends got cold feet now LOL) Could we loose all our money investing? Maybe but it would just be a loss on our taxes

I would personally like to see the item re-listed! We all know the winning bidder isnt going to follow through!

In short I found the item to be amusing and a potential moneymaker simple as that.

Many of you may be thinking Yeah Right as to if it would make money but to most eBay power sellers out there (who do not use their REAL eBay user ids when buying and sometimes selling remember that.) they will know what I am talking about up above.

Thanks to everyone for all your questions. ALL of you have been great! As far as people saying how much you love our spoof auctions thank you I hope we made you laugh.

PS: On a side note, we never could get through to the seller- all email was returned undeliverable mailbox was full of something,mt likely from a billion questions from people curious about the item!

Richard Sellers A.K.A. eBay user richardkelli

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