For rent: One Army - Mercs go Upmarket

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rocketeer, Mar 30, 2006.

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  1. not content to make a sh*tload of money in Iraq as ' security' , Blackwater wants to expand on its expertise to offer specialized ' conflict resolutions '..

    why doesn't Balir/Bush just farm the job out to these guys and withdraw their troops from nasty spots..making the folks back home happy and giving the militants no ' national ' target to vent their spleen..?
    Wild Geese anyone??
  2. Worrying thought really, mercs on demand. This caught my eye though:

    One option, Black said, was for Blackwater to provide forces for Sudan's Darfour province. He said the company could bolster existing peace-keeping forces from the African Union.

    "I believe there is a contribution to be made by a small force," Black said. "The issue is who's going to let us play on their team?"

    So Blackwater could, in theory, go play for the other team.
  3. Who is going to pay ? And where will they find suitble soldiers to do a peace keeping mission? Though the idea of turning gunships loose
    on the millitias in sudan appeal cant see any one funding it . Maybe they could sell the guncamera footage ?Pay for kill tv anyone?
  4. Difficult for a PMC to retain credibility at the best of times. Perhaps Mr Black is confusing NATO Operations with UN or OAU. Not surprising for a typically Geographically and Politically challeneged North American.

    So lets get this right, a US or Blackwater operation would offer better value than a European one?? I know lets send 10 people in to p!ss everyone off with their arrogance, when we could sent two in to achieve concensus!!

    I bet Mr Black is eyeing the Billions of UN aid dollars earmarked for Sudan. I bet his mark-up will be higher than any third world General contributing to a UN Force. :evil:
  5. I can see it now:
    "We are loosing the war, quick, for up in to Focus Groups"
    6 months later....
    "The report from the Focus groups leads us to believe that we lost because of the following.
    1. Lack of Brand awareness.
    2. Confussion over the use of the new company logo"
  6. so for the wannabes amongst us how do you join this Elite body of men?
  7. blair thinks its a winner bung a big amount of cash one time no bad press about body bags or kit shortagesetc etc.
    class it as pfi so does'nt go on this years books and when they go berserk and use harsh languageand the hr lawyers go sniffing about they can slot them too :twisted:
  8. Where did it mention Blair in the article?
  9. Interesting theory. Assuming that I am the President of a banana republic and have engaged a PMC to fight a civil war on my behalf, am I entitled to a refund if they lose, or will they fight my next war for free?
  10. I read an opinion piece by Frederick Forsythe several years ago where he recommended "outsourcing" peacekeeping operations to PMCs, using Executive Outcomes as the model for such things.
  11. Papua New Guinea is not really a banana republic, but its experience of sandline suggests the company comes off better in contract defaulting. Sandline was stopped for doing its contracted job but still demanded payment and got it!

    Blackwater is looking at exporting a paramilitary model of security from Iraq, correctly identifying that business longevity is elsewhere.
    However, this is old ground they are going over and they are just reinventing the wheel:
    e.g. Topcat gets marine security contract off somali coast, someting similar done by Hart a few years ago
    Blackwater wants to support humanitarian ops in sudan, Executive outcomes presented a plan for protecting a humanitarian corridor in Rwanda to a UN committee in 1997.
    Also triple canopy has already cornered the initial market by getting a contract to protect US embassies in 27 high risk countries, (well what the US and OSAC think are high risk)

    Ultimately, Blackwater will find have problems in Africa;
    a) unless they start using ex SADF troops in large numbers, they will aways be undercut on price.
    b) a US standard of force protection will restrict mobility and capability
    c) cultural sensitivity, flexibility and equality in dealing with local partners will be key, else blackwater will create more problems than it is contracted to solve
  12. No, you get a free garlic bread.
  13. So whats the verdict? PMC sorting out things like the Somilia on a UN contract or let the UN do it themselves ie UNPROFOR?
  14. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Blackwater were causing the majority of the big problems when I was in Baghdad last year.

    I seem to remember that they were the folk that went head to head with the US Marines after they were caught shooting a civvie car up. Marines were unable to hold them as PSDs come under the authority of Iraqi MOI and not Coalition forces. They were buzzing about it at the time. I think the word murder was used. I seem to remember this wasn't the only incident of this type either.

    I also seem to remember that they lost 20 + folk inside a month. Don't know how big a company they were at that time but think 20 was a good %. They did not have a good name with us.

    Cowboys and scum of the worst order.
  15. Indeed. They are quite well known in the US Military world as being gung ho and un professional. Now thats saying something coming from a septic Tom.