For Queen and Country?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OCS001, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. Does the belief that you are fighting for Queen and Country still exist in todays society?

    I know that people have their own reasons for joining up, but is fighting for Queen and Country still one of them?
  2. I fight because I am paid to do it and it's part of my job spec. Simple really.
  3. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    We train to fight, some of us are very good at it, Train Hard fight Easy. And some of us like it. God save the Queen
  4. For most Soldiers the desire to "Walk in the Vally of the Shadow" is not due to bloodlust or suicidal tendancy, but the desire to practice those skills he has spent years learning and refining.
  5. Are your motivations for joining up and what you fight for the same thing? Most soldiers join the Army for the travel/adventure, to learn a trade or because they just plain want a job. But what does money or a qualification mean when you're being shot at? Having not been in combat I can't really say with authority, but all accounts I read & have heard seem to indicate that your mates in immediate team/section are what keep you fighting, for fear of letting them down...
    So you join for yourself, and fight for your mates...
  6. There's not much need of tank crews in civvi street
  7. Quote "There's not much need of tank crews in civvi street" Unquote Tropper66.

    True words said in jest perhaps?
  8. I fight because I am really mental and like to kill people. I'd kill the Queen and all the country if I could. That's how mental I am!
  9. I spent 17 years in a tank regiment trying to stay out of the stinking things, it was more fun playing with a Sioux
  10. Err, thanks for that Tropper66 ???? Very true, other then maybe driving heavy tracked plant (but then an Engineer would know that as well) but I'm not sure of your point re my comment...
  11. to learn a trade

    That bit

    And I'm a retired heavy plant op/fitter with a degree in engineering
  12. god,queen and country
  13. I just wanted to wear a hat with feathers on it
  14. That says it all. Total agreement. UTRINQUE PARATUS.
  15. defo Queen and country

    Nulli Secundus!!