For Queen and country IS Terminal Velocity??

I just ahd a rather puzzling time. I was in a book shop and saw the book "termnal velocity" by Steve Devereux. I looked at the photos in it and they are the same as the book called "for Queen and Country" by Nigel "Spud" Ely which i just read about a week ago. I read a bit of T.V and its exactly the same book.

Now T.V was printed in 1997...and F.Q.A.C was printed in 2002. Could this be that the book was repackaged under a different title and author for the 20 year anniversary of the Falklands war when public interest would have been highest. ie. more books sold than in 1997?

Anyone have any clues because its been annoying me all evening and I can't find anything on the internet.


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