Moodybitch said:
MikeJenvey said:
snozzer, no PM from you, gotta rush (in Paris) - spoke with Sue, & with her permission have emailed her numbers to the Beeb South-East.

From Cllr Hunt
Disabled access is OK; there is a slope up from the car park and also an area of upper parking if required and then it is a level journey to the council chamber. Members of the public usually sit in the gallery, accessed by steps, but I am sure we can accomodate a small number on the chamber level itself; we also have overflow committee rooms (level access) which have TV screens showing what is going on in the chamber itself which are used when all the seats in the public gallery are full. How many people might be coming? If there is a large number I would appreciate knowing in advance so that we can get all available rooms ready and hooked up with the TV screens.
I don't want to step on any other organizer's toes :!: so if anyone is handling the overall communcation, maybe you could liaise with him direct - especially if there could be media representatives too! :wink:

He seems to be on the ball & quick at answering.
PTP is probably your best bet with this one. Have copied your post and sent to him
Seen Moody ,

Getting on with contact with disabled organisations etc , to really get it in their faces come the 1st.
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