For once,some sense in a council!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, May 7, 2006.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Birmingham City Council has revolted over Government plans over Asylum Seekers.
    Home Office guidelines state a list of 'essentials' that housing officials MUST be provided for in assylum properties.
    These include-
    20in Colour TV.
    Vacumn Cleaner
    Deep Fat Fryer
    Coffee Table
    It also states that the £131.50 TV Licence fee must be re-newed by the host council.
    Birmingham C.C has refused to sign the agreement UNLESS the 'luxuries' are removed from the Government greement insisting that the 260 homes reserved for asylum seekers are furnished to basic standards.
    Housing chief.John Lines (Tory councilman) said
    " There is no way that asylum seekers will be supplied with luxury items paid for by the taxpayer that some of our 70.000 tennents cant afford.There will be no TV's or licences paid for from council taxes,Not on your nelly"
    Private landlords have to provide the ammenities to qualify for Home Office tenancy contracts but councils can question the luxuries & must supply safe central heating, cot's & other items for infants,child gates on stairs & play areas.They must also clean the windows every 12 weeks,
    The are 5 year contracts to provide accomodation for some 35.000 asylum seekers with a value of £135 million per year.

    Make's you glad to be British,does'nt it?Knowing we're paying for luxuries for asylum seekers as well as benifit's,ect when thousands of British Nationals can't afford such items!
    I remember when my Dad came out to Bruggen to visit.Their pasport was in my Step Mom's handbag,which was stolen.We had to go to the British Consulate in Dusseldorf who we're more interested in giving aid to forieghners than their own citizens (it was a few month's before H/K was given back to the Chinese)
  2. I made this exact point on the "How did you do PTP" thread. At that time however, I could not go into detail as to why the BNP slurs were untrue, but it's up in Black and White now.

    Spike, what is the source?
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Read it in today's Sunday Express but there's no link as they have a pay for online version.I re-wrote the peice for copyright.
  4. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    Makes you wonder whether it would be worth the lads in Cavalry Barracks, Hounslow, applying for asylum like most of their neighbours. No TV tax - what a result. Maybe the local council could do something about the accomodation too.

  5. Deep fat fryer???? - considering NAS guidelines - something about this story does not ring true.
  6. Would almost be worth renouncing your passport and coming back in wouldnt it ??

    I remember applying for a council flat before I left the service and was told by my Housing Office that I was a lower priority then someone coming out of prison .. prime reason why so many people living on the streets have a Forces background.

    And when I did get a flat I had to decorate it myself (and it needed it) .. the only thing free was the obscene graffiti on the living room wall that stopped me having my kids there until I could decorate.

    Welcome to Modern Britian .. where the less you put in the more you get out .. and vice versa.
  7. Yep, when I left they told me that as a single male, regardless of the fact that I had spent the last 9 years in service of the country and had been medically discharged out following being injured on duty, that I was a bottom priority and the best that they could offer was a place in a hostel!! Having no "real" work background I couldn't get a mortgage and couldn't rent privatley.

    It wasn't until the RBL rang my local MP and threatened to take the story to the press that I was offered a sh1tty 6th floor flat on a dive of an estate.

    If I had renounced my citizenship, taken a third world passport and then sneaked back into the UK hiding in a delivery of mangos I would have been laughing.
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Same happened to me,I was put on the waiting list for 7 years! BUT,I found a loophole & used it!The private flat I was renting was damp & I got a letter from my Doctor saying so.I was then moved up the list & got one within 2 month's of sending in the letter.
    I don't like to play the system,but I felt I had no choice. I served my country yet lay-abouts & scroungers get thing's thrown at them.
  9. I would pmsl if this wasn't quite so true :roll:
  10. Wow, some of these storys make me sick. Makes you think ah?
  11. If you're going to propagate Richard Desmond's dreary disinformation about asylum seekers, please try harder. What does this mean? If you meant 'etc.' then please expand - this is lazy. I don't mean the pedantic correction of 'ect.' but to politely request that you specify exactly what they're getting. Etcetera could mean DVD player; subscription to NTL; £100 vouchers for Harvey Nicks; family invites to Mayor's inauguration banquet; a free 10 year subscription to the Daily Express and a knighthood. You're not BNP are you, by the way?

  12. Oh well he must be.....anyone being the least bit annoyed about what your average asylum seeker receives in benefits must be BNP. If you do want specifics though, just go on the BNP website and there's a PDF document with a full inventory for a council house, designated for use by asylum seekers.

    Am I a BNP supporter? irrelevant, but still non of you business.
  13. How is rewriting an article for us all to see lazy? its the opposite and anyone can have a typo! Even without the etc. it is still pretty bad that they get stuff for free that your general mortgage paying, tax paying person can not easily afford.

    Well done Birmingham, and i hope others can follow your lead!

  14. Deep fat fryer... much "foriegn" food can be cooked in such a thing.
  15. Frenchie

    What on earth gives you the right to cast slurs like accusing someone of being a member of the BNP?? I didn't even notice the etc in there until you pointed it out, as I considered the list to be pretty shameful as it is. The general point is made, and Birmingham Council should be applauded for at least trying to stem this tide of PC nonsense where an economic migrant can come into this country and excpect to receive more help than the many many general cases of British taxpayers who are more deserving of help from the state. And by British, I don't give a fcuk what colour or religion they are. Fcuk off you mudslinging troll