For my mate

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by worm-on-a-stick, Jul 15, 2006.

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  1. Is she the fatty?


    hummm… I’m guessing she’s the fatty :D
  2. Looking through the photos, no, the other one. And she's been to Kissimmee, Florida, if you want a topic to start a conversation.
  3. Using the picture above, she's the one in the white top, and no she's not fat.
  4. Been baiting everyone there for weeks and pulled more times than a steam train (all serious and no smut). Only need a crab, commando and a stab for a full house!! :lol: Actually meeting up with a few for a beer - hard life eh??
  5. well, if you need a crab to add to the collection & your female, I'm always available ..........
    pm with 1000 words or less as to why u are suitable or pm with your number ! :)
  6. dont listen to him pm me with your number.
  7. So ure the fat one then :D