For metalsmiths. Advice needed

I have recently started to renovate an old barn on my property, the water supply pipework is lead appx 1" id. I want to re-plumb, there are reasons that I cannot remove the lead pipework completly so I have to splice/solder in copper pipe to achieve this.
My question is, how and what products to use when joining lead and copper pipes.


as a plumber in this my second life , id suggest using a LEADLOK fitting.
these days of h&s have reached all trades.
Does anyone know where the legendary Metalsmith from 14 Sigs circa 1993-1997 is now?

He has a kind of girls name that sounds a bit french.

His favourite quote (if sober) was "I can't remember the time when I could not join 2 pieces of metal together".

A great lad, I think he may be a Sgt now. He was certainly a Cpl for years.

Truly, an ASMs nightmare to manage!

Any steers will be appreciated.
Nige, I myself joine as a Smiff in 87. What was your course number? - I was 76 if I remeber correctly.
Are you still in contact with any of your course mates, I am currently at 2 Bn.


I was on 100 Metalsmith basic, joined my first unit in May 87. Maybe your class 1 course was 76? I was on 74 - just after Gulf War 1
Not in touch with anyone from basic, bumped into a few through my career though - not many down here though!
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