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For metalsmiths. Advice needed

I have recently started to renovate an old barn on my property, the water supply pipework is lead appx 1" id. I want to re-plumb, there are reasons that I cannot remove the lead pipework completly so I have to splice/solder in copper pipe to achieve this.
My question is, how and what products to use when joining lead and copper pipes.
Does anyone know where the legendary Metalsmith from 14 Sigs circa 1993-1997 is now?

He has a kind of girls name that sounds a bit french.

His favourite quote (if sober) was "I can't remember the time when I could not join 2 pieces of metal together".

A great lad, I think he may be a Sgt now. He was certainly a Cpl for years.

Truly, an ASMs nightmare to manage!

Any steers will be appreciated.
I was on 100 Metalsmith basic, joined my first unit in May 87. Maybe your class 1 course was 76? I was on 74 - just after Gulf War 1
Not in touch with anyone from basic, bumped into a few through my career though - not many down here though!

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