For Londist TAPOs* - RMAS Collegiate weekend

The TA Training Wing at RMAS is running a Collegiate Weekend** on 29/30 July to brief future candidates and to introduce them to the Academy.

It's for DETAPOs, Unit TAPOs (including soldiers who are about to be put forward for commissioning by their units), OTC OCdts.

If there are any interested TAPOs/OCdts in London District who have not had information on this, please contact me ASAP. I may still have a couple of places available since not all of the TAPOs who made provisional bookings have seen the need to confirm them.

*Only restricted to London because of my location in the food chain. TAPOs from other Bdes ought to book through their own RTC.
**Collegiate is Birt-speak and does not translate directly to any succinct term within my limited internal vocabulary.
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