for lack of aggression


The man at the head of America's efforts to hunt down terrorists has been forced to resign amid concern that he was too cautious in pursuing al-Qa'eda leaders.

Robert Grenier, the head of the CIA's counter-terrorism centre, is the latest in a series of senior officials to resign from the agency over the past year.

Intelligence officials told the Los Angeles Times that the head of the CIA's clandestine service had become increasingly frustrated by Mr Grenier's approach, which he thought too tentative.

However, they insisted that his resignation was not connected with the failure of last month's attempt to kill Ayman al-Zawahiri, the deputy leader of al-Qa'eda, in a missile strike against a remote Pakistani village.
My experience in reading Pravda in Soviet times helps me to understand real meaning of this text.

Rule #1. If authorities promise something then namely this thing will never happen.
Rule #2. If something is denied then really it took place.

What can we expect? No doubt new anti-Terrorist #1 will be more 'aggressive' and to prove it probably carpet bombings would be used (or maybe nuclear weapons?).

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