For holiday home owners

planners coming to look at site and hopefully agree to turf roof roll, on tomorrow
A combination of the two may be useful, our council hates fly tippers and quite rightly but limit access to the dump it site. Be useful for many at busier times to be able to use a communal site that is close by.
spanish councils have got it sussed, letted properties that are legal have a card for the local waste disposal,some councils have a minimum on the spot fine of 10000 euros ,they take your car until you pay up,the council at Torrevieja scrap confiscated vehicles after 6 months


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Yeah but the place is a scruffy shit hole, perfect for people who perhaps don't leave resorts or people who go to the MIT swingers resort.
TBH, you DID stay in the island's version of Blackpool, Playa Blanca!
planners like the idea of a turf roof, did the "ask for your advice" thing which they liked ,drank tea and ate homemade short bread, so waiting for the recommendation to committee.

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