For God, Harry, England and St. George - Happy St. George's Day!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JoeCivvie, Apr 23, 2011.

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  1. Hurrah..........The same to you sir!
  2. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Nice, but you are about 7 months too early with the first video.
  3. I know, but it seemed apt.
  4. Many centuries ago, St. George, a Turk, was made the patron saint of England. A lot has changed since then, but England still treats illegal immigrants better than its own citizens.
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  5. And for all those hairy arsed kilt wearing Neanderthal Scottish cousins who whinge that when Scotland wins anything they are classed as British but when they lose, they are called Scottish, please note that the message on the Land of Hope and Glory video was " Be proud to be BRITISH"

    To your duties, dismiss.
  6. Shame they treat their neighbours like shit mind!
  7. You mean that giving our neighbours almost unlimited amounts of cash so they can have free prescriptions, free university education and much more is treating them like shit? I don't have the actual figures to hand as my internet connection is not good enough right now but I seem to recall that Scotland absorbs more of the UK's budget than England, Wales and Ireland together and that Scotland, Wales and Ireland get more per head of population in terms of cash than the population of England does. Get thee hence, Satan!
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  8. HOWEVER i did not hear Engerland complain when they were raping the oil industry. i do not doubt, in fact i know, that Scotland is being subsidised by the BRITISH Government .......... Karma????
  9. That's a nice arse in the tights on the left!
  10. HHH

    HHH LE

    Happy St. George's Day, from all (well some) of Northern Ireland.
  11. Its Not May 2nd already is it?

    Church Commissioner Tony Baldry told the Commons: "To celebrate St George's day on Holy Saturday would not be appropriate because Holy Saturday is the traditional time of reflection and contemplation for Christians before the celebrations of Easter Sunday." Hence the move to 2 May, which actually is a public holiday, for May Day.
  12. Well maybe if my neighbour didn't have his stereo on til 3am I'd treat him better.
  13. (The smallest violin in the world starts up in the background) Well if you're lucky maybe PM Cameron will apologise for Edward I being so nasty to you almost 800 years ago. But seriously when will we stop oppressing the smaller members of the union? I mean we've only had at least four Scottish PMs since 1900 (and thats excluding Blair) and Lloyd George for the Welsh out of 21 PMs in the last 111 years which given their proportion of the total population (Scotland 8.4% Wales 4.9%) means the Scots have been massively over represented and the Welsh just about right. Still don't let facts ruin your English bashing :)
    Happy St George's Day.
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  14. Didn't take this thread long to degenerate into a intra-national slanging match!! Happy St George's Day from a Jock without a chip on both shoulders!!
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