For Fox sake

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Jun 7, 2010.

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  1. View hulloa!

    Not please "there goes the little red fcuker..."
  2. Liar, if she was American she must have been large.

    She was probably Canadian.
  3. Lets see 'Springwatch' spin this into a 'loverly, cuddly wuddly', fox story. With appropriate oohs and ahhs from the presenters on how intelligent and adaptable they are in their new environment.

    Fecking vermin. ( Not just the foxes!)
  4. I smell fox sh!t.........
  5. Mate of mine living in Walthemstow E17 sits up once a month with an air rifle picking off the foxes, apparently they make quite a racket at night and he's not one who suffers sleep-depravation lightly.
  6. Sneaky bastards foxes. When I was in basic training a fox stole my beret, which of course the troop sgt believed to be the worst excuse he'd ever heard for being diffy kit. Cue double bollocking for losing headdress and being a lying shit. Oh and looking like a twat cutting about wearing a helmet. I know all about trauma at the hands of foxes.
  7. A Muslim fox stole my car and is also responsible for most of the drug dealing in Bath and the surrounding area. It is an illegal immigrant fox, as far as we can tell, and moved to the area just after the hunting ban came into force. He is living in council premises and has several ilegitimate children by a number of different mothers, all living in council dens. He has been arrsted several times for theft and assault against the chicken but has never so much as received a caution.

    Yet you tell the newspapers this and they don't believe you. Except of course the Daily Mail.
  8. Mr D - that vixen is well known around Reigate. Apart from her self-destructive crack habit, she has frequently murdered ddefenceless kittens before seducing well meaning military personnel back to her den for sexual favours for money. On this occasion you were lucky not to succumb - although you may be being economical with the truth. Other soldiers ended up in the QE at Woolwich with Cat AIDS after "enjoying" her favours. The dirty vulpine bitch.
  9. judging by the amount of these vermin i,ve seen on the olympic site,i,d say its time for a fox cull in east london! :twisted:

  10. fixed that for you, don't want Arrse being caught up in allegations of species-ism!
  11. I suppose this is an East London version of "A dingow's gort moy boyboy..."
  12. Boom Boom , as they say
  13. cheers cuddles! :D there,s no chance of killing any locals on this site anyway,but a cull might wipe out the working males of certain parts of eastern europe and the indian sub-continent!