For Fans of Heino....

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by MrPVRd, Aug 21, 2005.

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  1. For your information:

  2. Sugared pancake with raisins, from Germay's answer to Roy Orbison:

  3. Heino and Hannelore:


    For those of you that mocked his Liebe Mutter album cover (perhaps by comparing Heino to Gareth from The Office doing a Roy Orbison impression), I hope you are eating your words (perhaps with Kaiserschmarrn).

    I draw your attention to the following:

    I assume that is not a mis-translation of "the willies".
  4. Stop now, MrPRVD! This has progressed from a mere interest in Heino to something more sinister - we'll next hear of you being dragged kicking & screaming from Heino & Hannelore's garden by the Bundespolizeien and a full diplomatic incident will ensue. STOP NOW I beg of you, it's not too late! :D
  5. I bought a pair of used Heino shades from Ebay for 2 Euros last week!
  6. I would not even spend 2 Euros for Heino shades. I hate his music all the way.
    Maybe it´s true that 97% of Germans citizen do know him but at least 96% don´t like him. Playing his songs is a violation of the Geneva conventions.
  7. Apologies - I missed out the little winking smiley at the end of my post. I don't like the Great Heino that much (and never heard of him until I found his album cover) and the Ebay story was a fiction. :oops:
  8. Yeah, yeah... Too late to back-pedal now! :D
  9. Call yourself a real German! You should be thrown out of the Bundeswehr for insulting a national institution!!!!

    Heino rocks!!

    PS. Where can I buy some Heino shades?
  10. Gosh, I remember the same jokes about Heino in the 1970s. The 1980s. The 1990s. The... :lol:
  11. Maybe we should also mention the fact that Heino is a closet-Nazi, who saw nothing wrong in recording the German National Anthem, including the first verse, which starts with:

    "Deutchland, Deutschland über alles,"

    Instead of starting with the second verse, as is German law, for the first verse is prohibited:

    "Dreistigkeit und Frech- und Geilheit,"

    Worth considering?

  12. He doesn't look like a closet Nazi to me, more like a fully paid up one!
  13. Careful, Bugsy, careful. :twisted: Not quite the second, rather the thjird, even though your "second" has something to it. Something... inexplicably appealing.

    As for Heino, I actually don't know anyone over the age of 85 who likes him. Makes everyone shudder.
  14. You're perfectly right, of course. Eine Frage des Alters, schätze ich.
    But Heino realy is a j***ing Nazi, explained by his friendship with Schönhuber and Co and also his deep association with Michael Kühnen - which probably took rather a dive when Kühnen cramped his toes in April 1991 and it turned out he was a practising homosexual.

  15. Plays a fine tune though. Git Down!