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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rocketeer, Sep 26, 2006.

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  1. Cost to the United States to unsuccessfully eradicate the Afghan poppy fields and piss off impoverished farmers and Drug Warlords: $ 780 Million

    Cost to buy the entire output of poppies from Afghanistan at ' street/market ' prices as set by the Drug Warlords: $ 600 million

    Eliminating 90% of the world's opium supply in one move and disrupting Drug Lords and Organized Crime around the world.. : Priceless

    Why hasn't it been done?
  2. Are you somehow suggesting that there's a solution that doesn't involve military force?
  3. I might be suggesting that , if the US concentrated on rooting out Osama and his ilk and not going around spraying poppy crops of impoverished farmers, saving themselves sh*tloads of money and not turning said farmers into Taliban supporters, they might be ahead of the game.

    Buy the poppies out from under the Drug Cartels.. turn the crops over to legitimate pharmaceutical companies who can then produce opiates like codeine and morphine much needed drugs to combat HIV/AIDs and cancer , etc..especially in the developing owrld.

    Right now the richest nations, US,UK, France, Japan, Germany Australia and Canada consume nearly all of the world's opiates leaving 80% of the world without.

    If France, India and Turkey can be ' licenced ' to grow poppies for the world drug market, why not Afghnistan where its being done anyway and contributing 90% of the ' illicit ' market product ?

    buying and authorizing the product will keep the farmers happy, provide a legitimate and stable income, cut out the Warlords and Organized Crime revenue stream..

    might p!ss off the world's drug addicts, though and make some bleeding hearts organizations struggle to get government handouts for ' rehab ' but.. can't make an omlette without breaking eggs.
  4. Will the USofA do the same for next years crop?

  5. I take it that You would advocate buying from the farmers, cutting out those nasty warlord types???? Wouldn't the warlords and the Taleban they back be rather hacked off by this and try and prevent it happening?????

    If You were going to buy from the warlords, don't You think that a couple of judicious assasinations by Taleban will change their minds about doing business with infidels?????
  6. Oh, that's it.. throw a spanner into the works..

    ahem.. I would hope that those powers that be would appreciate the positive outcome of 'empowering ' the farmers and the military would continue thier ' hearts and minds ' effort of ' securing ' the region so that the indigenous population can welcome democracy and financial security as they are now being encouraged by the Karzai government.. Warlords and Taliban are already fighting NATO and US so that wouldn't change, but, I suspect their support from the locals would. Nothing adjusts allegience in impoverished people like three squares a day and clothes on the back.
    so they tell me.
  7. I like the idea. If you were to legalise and support poppy production for correct usage in drug production, and pay for it etc. Then the public would almost certainly change allegiance from Drug Lords and Taliban to the western world, which supports there production quite legally.

    Of course, the issue comes in getting the info across to the public and poppy producers. :) If this can be done, then AQ and the Taliban might take a severe hit with regards public support.

    Just my view.
  8. Oi rocketeer are you nicking my idea I mentioned this back in July. Dont know how to link (new fangled technology)

    But please carry on.
  9. I've been spouting off to anyone who would listen for quite a bit about just buying up the crops , etc. and getting funny looks and head scratching over it as if spending money to buy the poppies out from under the drug lords was whacked.. but, now..

    John Polanyi [ Nobel Laureate ] and the Senlis Council [ think tank with ' offices' in London, Paris and Kabul ] are promoting this concept as ' doable ' and some people are actually thinking ' this could work! '..

    don't suppose anyone will give me credit and a cut of the profits..but, hey, just knowing that the world will be a better place has got to count for something..[ I imagine Senlis have a website with the full deal posted on it somewhere ]

    Someone has to do something as the poppy crop in Afghanistan has increased some 60% in the last year. That's a lot of ' blow' hitting the noses of the Hollywood types, heavy stock traders and the ' man in the alley ' . As it stands now, the farmers still isn't getting 'full value ' for his efforts and the drug/warlords are able to fund rebels of every persuasion in purchasing RPG's AK-47's and ammo for same...
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Or just legalise it and do away with the nonsense that is 'The War on Drugs'.

  11. The idea of turning the poppy crop to good, legitimate use has been around for a couple of years. It is an excellent idea and should be taken up - if only by the WHO and, arguably, under control of the UN (Blue Berets to the fore). It may, or may not, be a coincidence that the major pharmaceutical companies, predominantly US owned, now, already have their own controlled opium-poppy fields -- elsewhere!!
  12. agree with MSR, legalise it and a lot of the problems go away (terror links, organised crime links etc) and the social problems associated with drugs become more visible, hence easier to fix (marginally).
  13. Just a thought...
  14. Like your thinking FAS. Kind of a self medicating problem.