For DEME(A) Attention

Just doing as suggested. My last act on Arrse as it seems those who don't mind speaking what little mind remains, may be being targeted for disciplinary action via our friends the SIB on behalf of the POD (who has recently had his face ironed).

New DEME(A), speak to us of your wise plan for the Corps, as those of us who love it and have served faithfully for years are very worried on the way it is heading!
Looks like no-one has anything worth saying to old or new DEME(A). Not surprising really, not a lot of confidence that anyone listens anymore!
If the 'Engineers' out there want to run the Corps as a civillian agency then they have to get their priorities right. My mission is to keep fit kit in the hands of the user...not fill in shit loads of paperwork.
As a relativly new boy to the corps i see the need for some major changes in a lot of areas and they aren t going to happen. I worked as a civvy for a few years before joining. What a shock i got. A civvy company would go bust in at most a week if it does things the way we do. I would talk to people inside the system but as i am only a little boy with good ideas i either get told to go away or someone else takes credit.
It seems this site is known to staff at DEME(A) so it is difficult to imagine key personnel there not being able to encourage "stimulating" posts from the staff or even yer man!

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