for Christs sake dont let the tree huggers see this one!

rather unsporting? once had to explain to a septic friend why it was bad form to engage deer with an assault rifle - this is a fucking giant leap forward, well done....
Brilliant! I want to see one of these on the Warminster shoot
If hunting with dogs has been banned how about fox hunting with AS 90.
Good idea for 307 to sort his fox problem out.

Bit over the top i think, please excuse me while i go and hug a tree. lmfao
Mountain Howitzer !!!!!!! I don,t know if its a wind up or not. Looks a bloody good laugh though. Imagine trying to get permission off a farmer to shoot one of those. Its bad enough with an air rifle or shotgun. How would you stand legally with one of them in the UK? What license would you need? & does anybody know of a gunsmith with a fcuk off big lathe? Oh, & a good chippy & wheelwright. Just curious lol!!

Regards LT.
Nice to see he gives advice about to do if you are caught :D

"The Cobham foxhunt assembles, gone are the jackets and dogs, in are CVR(T)'s and FAC's" :roll:
this web site just gets better!

Next, we'll test how far you can shoot a Feral Kitty - 4 weeks old is perfect bore size.

did someone say 'does anybody know of a gunsmith with a fcuk off big lathe?'
hhhhhmmm, boy, now has this given me ideas :twisted:
LoneTree said:
How would you stand legally with one of them in the UK? What license would you need?
I've got a feeling it might actually be a shotgun license, or closely related. A friend of mine at school did Sealed Knot (English Civil War reenactment/walting) and claimed to have a cannon license for that. One must presumably exist anyway, as I've seen plenty of photos of them and similar groups firing cannons at each other...
You'd need a fair amount of wadding behind that kitten, otherwise your windage will be extreme (as would that of the kitten I guess).

I've never bred feral cats so is it possible to get them to the stage where they all weigh roughly the same, are of similar size and have similar ballistic properties? If not, then accuracy will suffer.

In such a short barreled weapon, will the position of all-burnt be expected to be low in the chamber giving a greater calibre length to "steer" the kitten on it's onward flight, or am I bluffing here?

Surely it's better to fire kittens from a more traditional RBL cannon for greater accuracy, although you'd have to coat them in lead first to engage with the rifling?

I shall away to my shed to experiment.
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