For Checks Sake

I have had the 'good' fortune to have spent longer than 5 minutes in our glorious armed forces. (21 years give or take the 5 minutes) I have noticed (maybe somwhat belatedly) that we are turning in to a force that has magnificent ability in checking our own procedures. Not only can we check them we can put in new checks to check they are being checked correctly, we can author new checking procedure volumes; synthisized from other publications in order to 'hang' those who can't either check or double check the triple entry MT account systems. Why oh why is there no control valve on time wasting or is there a department of checks that grade an inspections **** retentivness level; in order to reward those who develop such systems, with an OBE, for saving the Queen £4.50 but costing her hundreds ney thousands in man hours....
Finally a question....Why just before an documents inspection (within 24hrs) do the powers that be issue that 'essential' amendment to the instructions?

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