Discussion in 'RLC' started by BENNY2672, Aug 18, 2004.

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  1. i am a new member to the forum and was just reading some of the comments about chef i am a chef myself and i must say i enjoy my job but all the critisism we ge is beyond a joke you always complain about the food and the size of the portions but where else can you get three meals a day for just £1.81 you couldnt even get a sandwich for that now adays so cut us some slack will ya..... :( :( :( :(
  2. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    It's in the job description !

    Chef Duties :

    Cooking & being the butt of all jokes & complaints. (Excludes : Boots, Phys, Fd Craft, and soldiering, and more)

  3. i thought you got £2.75 per person per day for food. And that kept you quite well supplied as there is large in bulk buying.

    I've seen the Navy side in operation no complaints. The army doesn't seem to work as well.

    Maybe you can shed some light on that?
  5. Still with far more personnel than the Navy one would imagine you could get a far better deal on bulk buying.

    I think the protest comes when we try the other services food and then compare it to the Army ones.

    Are you an Army chef or one of the nasty excuses for biohazard creation hired from the public sector?

    Having endured meals from sodexho i was less than impressed. Whereas I do believe the RN ones are done by civilians too and i've never tasted better food than there.

    P.s. Don't put your post all in upper capitals on the internet that indicates that you're shouting.
  6. Apparently (or so I was told) many moons ago all 3 services were asked what they needed to feed their servicemen per day. The head army beancounter at the time thought he'd be clever and put in the lowest amount expecting everyone else to get the same. They didn't. The army got the worst catering budget whilst the RN and RAF go 5 star restraunts and skilled chefs.
    Anyone who has ever worked on joint camps (Airport camp in Belize is a good example) will tell you just how good the food is if the RAF are involved.
  7. I can veryfy this, was in the Royal Signals and spent time at JHQ, Heford, RAF Bruggen and MPA.

    The food in JHQ is RAF food and i thought i had gone to paradise, so many choices, so much tallent, such "good quality" food, sent to 7 Sig Regt in Herford with RLC Chefs - Feck me, my tastebuds thought i had died. same shat every day for lunch too...Fish fingers, chips and beans OR Sausage roll, chips and Peas.. Not kidding, got sent to RAF Bruggen - Back up to JHQ standards and choices...had to run an errand for my OC swapping some telephones for stores back at 7 Sig Regt...had to take an oppo for heavy lifting...stopped off at the cook house on arrival - bearing in mind he had only every been at RAF Bruggen, Laarbruch and MPA (Aircrew Feeder), he was so embarressed at the cack on offer....we got something from the schnelly instead. MPA - Combi Mess....Trust me you can tell when pongo chefs are on the job...we all ate in the Aircrew feeder because it was RAF chefs, same ingredients....Much better food.

    You want us to stop slagging off green chefs...easy.

    Stop being "Cooks" start being "Chefs" take a bit of pride in your work and dont settle for anything less than Perfect. My Brother is a RAF Chef and his food is top notch, RN food is brilliant too, Pongo stuff is shite.

    My Brother takes pride in his cooking. he takes the time to make sure its the best he can do and if it turns out cack he will put it right. not serve it anyway.

    Worst food i ever had to be fair is the bio hazard served up by the civ cooks in the Tower block - Aldershite.

  8. There's a document called the PSO or Prison Service Order. It mandates the condition in which prisoners detained at HM pleasure live under. No great suprises if I were to tell you that prisoners on average get a bigger daily food allowance than soldiers.

    I've seen some of the capabilities of our chefs at various catering comps within the Corps. I have to say some of the talent in the catering side of the Corps is second to none, and the food these guys are able to muster up when given the opportunity you would not feel ashamed serving at any named 5 star eaterie. On the whole the RAF do serve good nose-bag, there's no doubt about that, but befer we go comparing the RLC chefs to those in Betty's Flying Club it's worth remembering that there are notable differences in the conditions, kitchens, and requirements of each mess. While the army is the biggest service all "fresh" procurement is contracted locally and the quality of produce is dependant on what is turned out locally. There are no nationally let contracts for fresh fruit meat and veg because you couldn't write a specification that could guarantee the same standards nationally. It's the same as when you go to your local Asda, some have better fresh than others do depending on who supplies them.

    Agree about Sodhexo, they should have stayed in France managing water pipes and sewers!
  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    So they remain in the same business, just based in the UK......

  10. The master Chef has pocket'd it. Chefs......not only inept, but thieves as well!

    (Don't the Navy live on Fish Fingers?)
  11. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Welcome Benny 2672 - for a first post you have set yourself up well.

    Who called the Cook a cnut?'
  12. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    While it may be that raff and scow cooks can produce the goods, it has to be borne in mind that RLC chefs also have to produce the goods in the field as well as the kitchen. In the days of Andy Caps Commandos (ACC) the efforts made by cooks on exercise or NI were fantastic and not many blokes envied their jobs, but appreciated the warm grub.

    Don't forget also that the food you are served by the cooks is what has been given to them. Look a bit further up the command chain to see where the catering decisions are made.
  13. As the old saying goes "the Army gets good food until the cooks get at it" joking apart, some of the dishes served up by our Chefs/Cooks are pretty amazing when you take into account the quality of the food supplied , the conditions it is prepared in especially when in the field or on Ops .I am of the mind that when the food is well cooked ,well presented and served well , the Chef/Cooks should be applauded, its not very often that Ihave had to complain and before you start I,ve more than 22 in and been around a bit
    :wink: :wink:
  14. I have to say - back in my days with the Canadian Forces, you'd be well served to make nice with the cooks. In 8 years service in the CF, I always looked forward to the meals. Large portions, decent menu, and of a high standard. Even when civi's took over the kitchens, standards were maintained by the Corporals or Sergeants assigned as heads. The ones I met all seemed to have great pride and took pleasure in the service they provided - in all conditions (even the Winter Indoc field kitchens!).

    Now I'm in the British Army, I have to say I am absolutely appalled at the service and standards of our culinary bretheren and their civilian counterparts.

    I am saddened that our troops are fed slops by the people we serve and in some cases, by other soldiers.

    If we are to be in top physical shape to do our jobs effectively, should the food we use to fuel ourselves not be of a higher calibre, prepared and served appropriately?