for all you medical types out there, help please

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by saltnpepper, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. the doctor says i might need open knee surgery to correct the aligment. The operation is called tibial tubercle transfer or TTT as its widley known. Would this operation bar me from entering the army in the future?

    All advice appreciated

  2. Hey saltnpepper,

    Im not a med type but, (im not sure if youve already started the application process and seen this info), ive dug out some info i recieved when i applied, 'cause i was sure it stated something about knee operations. It doesnt state anything about TTT but anyway here goes;

    "Unsuitable conditions . The following conditions make a person permanently unsuitable for entry into the services:

    Menisectomy (knee cartilage operation) within the last year. Surgical repair of a knee cruciate ligament."

    However it does then state;

    "Temporary conditions. The following conditions are a temporary hold on the selection proceedures and/or entry/attestation until fully recovered, discharged from hospital follow -up and fit to undergo arduous training:

    Waiting list for operation"

    Hope this gives you abit of info Saltnpepper, this is just a guideline though and DONT FORGET every case is looked at individually. All the best and good luck dude :thumleft:
  3. Oh yeah!

    Maybe have a bash at posting on the professionally qualified part of the forum, ive seen other posts on there asking for medical advice. There maybe a med type that'll kindly be able to give you abit of a headsup,

    okey doke =)
  4. You would be deferred for a set period of years - until you had completed your rehab, and proved yourself fit again

    You would also have to be assessed by a service orthopaedic consultant as part of your admission medical