For all you ARSEnal fans

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by drain_sniffer, Jan 25, 2006.

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  1. Last night, following the gunners humiliating defeat to Wigan, it has been reported that Met Police are investigating the possability that an assassin was at work at Highbury, specificaly targeting ARSEnal player Reyes. Why he should be targeted is unclear, but the would be assassin is using a new weapon designed to make him look a fool, rather than kill him. He is especially clever as he timed his attacks to occur whenever a Wigan player was within a 2m radius of him.

    A Police spokesman said "We are particulary concerned. Every time an opponant went near Reyes he would fall over and roll around as if he had been shot from the clock end. It must be a new devise causing this-or he is just a diving T*&^t ":lol:

    ARSEnal manager, ARSEn Wenger stated - \"I did not see Reyes deliberatly push an opponant in front of my dug out, which might have been a sending off offence, but I did see he was clearly targeted by everyone all over the pitch, even though I had my head in my hands"
  2. Good ironic post DS. I was disgusted by his antics. Reminded me of Pires at his worst. Wigan played a physical game (to be expected) and won fairly in my view. Good luck to them. And I'm a gooner.
  3. F**k them.

    The one W*gan player that did play well was their b*stard goalie, nothing short of heroic against the determined attacks of the Cockney Heroes. Fcuk him , Fc*k Wigan , and f**k George f*****g Formby. Hope Bergkamp and Henry gave Reyes a shoeing in the tunnel the gotch-footed clown, hobbling around like the last b*stard survivor from Fort Zinderneuf. We bloody nearly had that.

    I'm taking it better now. Well done Roberts.

  4. I am a huge Arsenal fan, dont really care much about the mickey mouse league cup, but still some players I hate with a passion at Arsenal. Reyes is one of them, the liltte bitch.
  5. Not annoyed at Politt , he played out of his skin. Roberts turned it on when he had to , and fought that ball in . It was a damn good effort.

    Reyes needs filling in.
  6. I dont agree with you PTP in singling out Reyes. The whole Arsenal side is a foreign bunch of cheating w*nkers. Dont worry United will go on to beat Wigan in the final. :twisted: Would have made it more interesting if Arsenal were in the final, but its not meant to be.

    Same Old Arsenal Always Cheating
  7. Mike Pollitt is a money grabbing Spireite sh*thead. I travelled up the M1 last night to see the mighty Mansfield lose 2-1 at home to Chester in a very bitter game. The Chester pikey No 14, Davies, deliberately feigned injury, causing our Captain, Sir Richie Barker to be sent off. Diving happens now at all levels and it nearly caused a riot amongst both of us Mansfield fans. I got back to the Shot at 1AM, bitter and angry. Fcuking woolies.
  8. OMG Guru, you travelled from 'Shot to Mansfield on a freezing Tuesday night and saw your team lose? Jeez, THAT is dedication. Fair play to you (not like fcuking Reyes, the splitter).....
  9. I particularily enjoyed the recent Newcastle v Arsenal game... to quote Cpl Jones from Dads Army... "they don't like it up em!"
  10. So you been following Chelsea for long PTP?

    Thought the game could have been about 3-3 in the end - good to watch and Jewell is a gem (and as a fellow scouser I hope he wins the fecker).
  11. You wouldn't be calling it the mickey mouse cup if you won it.