For all those who have bee waiting for their Iraq Medal

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Japster, Mar 2, 2005.

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  1. £300. 8O
  2. It's only worth £300 because of it's RARITY VALUE

  3. The bloke who originaly pawned this probably only got 20 quid for it. He'll be kicking himself if he sees that :D

  4. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    And the fools are paying the amount! Must ge mine on sharpish before the market gets flooded, (fat chance)!
  5. 8O It looks as though it has'nt even got the bar for the "war" period!!!

    Can't believe that people are paying that, I got a copy for £30!! 8O
  6. although it has been more dangerous 'post war'!! and if you look youll see that it has got a clasp.
  7. So it has F.Fox, sorry just got up..forgot me glasses!!!

    Also, I agree with what you said ref more dangerous post war!!!!
  8. Just had a look at the pic.

    It has a suspender, ie wot the ribbon fits through, but the clasp surely
    denotes the theatre of ops?
    Couldn't see that.
  9. I've just bid the " four tonner is just over the next rise" and "a coach load of nurses for it".
  10. I stand corrected, I think hes put the ribbon behind it to look like it has a clasp thats at an angle.
    The clasp on the Telic gong says the date of what was basically Telic 1.

    Oh and you can buy replica Telic gongs which are actually better quality than those that are issued for £27 from or Cant believe that someones bid £300!!
  11. not the legendary one thats on its way from Rinteln!!!
  12. From Mr Caplin (one of those ministers who are 'running' the Ministry of Defence), in a written answer to parliament:

    I can probably name more than 46 people who are waiting (I'm one of them)! The last I heard from HQ LAND there were more like 12,000+ waiting.

    A slight difference!!
  13. Less than 2% on our camp have got theirs,and they go back soon.
    I bet the yanks got medals as soon as they got back???