For all those in the Arrse League

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by drain_sniffer, Aug 21, 2006.

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  1. Ladies and Genitals

    I propsed that for the league we have some kind of prize fund for 1,2 and 3rd position. The best way would be to open a paypal account to hold the money in. I know a few people are interested, but with 45 teams in Ive lost track.

    Can you all let me know if you are or are not interested. Less than 30 and I wont bother.
  2. Seeing as I'm going to win I don't need to consult the dragons den to realise it's a sound investment, I'm in for a couple of quid.
  3. I could be persuaded. What about a fine for less than (say) 20 points in any week ?.

    Said fines could be a charidee thing
  4. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Me and Paypal dont get on at all! So payment would have to be from other means.
  5. happy to stick in the pot, but don't think the fines suggestion is a good idea.
  6. How did you get less than 20 pts ?

    PS to all - the next round starts tonight at 19:30. If you have players not involved in Premiership matches tonight/tomorrow they won't score any points.

    Will someone correct me if I'm wrong

    Tuesday, 22 August 2006

    Tottenham v Sheff Utd, 20:00
    Watford v West Ham, 19:45

    Wednesday, 23 August 2006

    Aston Villa v Reading, 19:45
    Blackburn v Everton, 20:00
    Charlton v Man Utd, 20:00
    Fulham v Bolton, 20:00
    Man City v Portsmouth, 19:45
    Middlesbrough v Chelsea, 20:00

    Leaving Arsenal, Charlton, Liverpool, Newcastle

  7. i got 50 you cheeky b*astard :)
  8. Aye. Count me in for the top three prizes. Currently 4th, so a pot is a fine idea.

    Paypal no probs, though just a thought, what about asking Good CO or Bad CO to hold the pot. Someone neutral etc............. blah blah...........responsible.........blah blah......
  9. Good shout none the less
  10. D'oh - detail, detail, detail.

    Wigan rather than Charlton the fourth team. My guess as to non-scoring looks to be right from a subsequent reading of the rules.
  11. Ill chip in to the pot, even though i aint going to finish anywhere near the top 3
  12. As I said on the site, Im game for a few pound.
    Never used paypal though so require some help
  13. Yeah count me in for a couple of quid although I will get a double whammy as boy has a team and no income :(
  14. Help,
    Im on course and can't access the league (big brother), how am I doing MAC FC. going to suffer this round with the 4 teams not playing, Oh well its a marathon not a sprint.
  15. CAARPS check pms mate.