For all the Them Walts out there

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sigman, Sep 18, 2011.

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  1. I find it more amusing that 17 have been sold.
  2. The true pathos lies in the fact that 17 have been sold......
  3. Perhaps a certain poster on this forum has bought all 17 of them, in 17 different names. Just a thought.
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  4. Don't knock these certificates. I would never have got my job in the International Bodyguard Association without mine.
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  5. Now why do i think you might be telling the truth.

  6. Does the seller do one for the All Arms Storemans CSE?
  7. It's got loads of of pictures of the SAS capbadge on it. Look's genuine to me!
  8. Can't find one for the chef's course.
  9. That's a step to far, everyone knows no one has passed that course.
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  10. Bought and en route. That'll show the boys down the Y!
  11. Very odd.Looks nothing like the real one I got.
  12. Who wants a certificate that was awarded to someone called Yourname Andrankhere!
    Sounds like a right cock!
  13. Does he sell NVQ lvl 1 in nursing too........