For all the moaning Scalies - Army Policy on Trainee Welfare

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by StabTiffy2B, Mar 13, 2006.

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  1. From DefenceWeb:

    The Army is continually striving to improve the way it looks after its trainees, the head of Army training and recruitment has stated.
    Major General Andrew Graham, Director General of the Army Training and Recruitment Agency, made the statement on 10 March 2006, following the open verdict at the coroner's inquest into the death of Pte James Collinson who died at Deepcut barracks in 2002, aged 17.
    Maj Gen Graham said:
    "Every soldier matters, and the death of Private James Collinson in 2002 saddens us all. Our sincere sympathies are extended and continue to be extended to his family and friends.
    "The MoD and the Army have co-operated fully and very openly with the police and with the Coroner in order to understand what happened on the night that he died.
    "The Army train several thousands of troops every year and the quality of their training and welfare is among our highest priority.
    "And the reason is simple. Many of them will deploy within weeks, within months of training, on operations.
    "And our training needs to be operationally relevant. It needs to be progressive. It needs to be rigorous in order to prepare them for the challenges and potential dangerous situations that they will find on operation.
    "But that does not mean that welfare is not important and we are continually striving to find new ways of improving the way in which we look after our trainees.
    "In that respect the Coroner's comments this afternoon will be studied very carefully.
    "The Coroner has confirmed that he did not call for a public inquiry and the police investigation have found no evidence of either bullying or harassment.
    "However if anybody knows that this is not the case then they should inform the police immediately."
  2. And the relevance of this thread on scalies Is?
  3. Apparently - as I'm to be in a Signal Regt - I too am a scalie and am totally confused at this post as, being concerned with Deepcut, I see no obvious connection.

    Sorry if I've missed something here - P
  4. I think Stab may have been trying to make a point about bullying in connection with the Bullying in Blandford thread. Or maybe he's just a tool.
  5. I vote for TOOL.
  6. It was in relation to all the moaning threads, by Signals Types. I'll be less subtle in future. PTP, amend the title if you want. Back to the issue, chaps, rather than my ill fitting title?
  7. What Issue?
  8. I think the main point of this thread is that stab tiffy is a fool.
  9. Tool is spelt with a "T" mate.

    8) :roll: 8)
  10. i thought tool was to throw away, while fool reminded me of idiots in pointy shoes and belmers and seemed more apt