For all the Jedi Knights (and K613) ......

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by FunkyNewBlood, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. ... a little test:

    ** I know, I know, this is probably best placed in the NAAFI, but hey ho, there's enough Knights in the Corps! CRmeansCeilingReached I await your replies. It appears you spend more time on this board than any mods so you are either from the higher echelons or from the darkside :D Lets see how you score? **

    Example -

    You have found a fallen Jedi, you can still sense good in her, but you can also sense the darkness, what do you do?
    A - Ignite my lightsaber and proceed to make her into pieces. ( For all the Walts who join the Corps )
    B - Try to seduce her to the dark side completely and if that fails kill her. ( Coy trying to pressgang people in to volunteering to deploy)
    C - Try to persuade her to come back to the light and save her from certain doom. ( Don't do your A1, you'll never be the same.. )
    D - Tell her to turn back to the light side only to realize its futile and be forced to kill her all the same. ( By stabbing her in the back)


    E - Take her on a date to a Little Chef located near a Travel Inn. Seduce her in to sleeping with you, impale her with your lightsabre then fall asleep. In the morning tell her you think she is fat so you dont have to buy her breakfast or drive her home.

    All meant with humour and love people, humour and love.
  2. what can i say? broadband - it's always on :) the PC is sat in the corner of my room with the web on and a game of Football Manager 2006 going. Let's just say i'm no Rafa Benitez, but it beats packing MFO boxes. or working for a living.

    A few people on here know why i have so much time on my hands right now. My only advice to budding jedi knights would be: if your personal proclivities include amyl nitrate-laced oranges, carrier bags, a bungee round the neck, pair of wellington boots, and trying to carry out your own method of "cloning" Dolly the sheep...

    for f*cks sake, lock your door :lol:

    p.s. don't think that nobody noticed the TA chasing you out of their forum, the first time you posted this ;) that's not very Jedi, is it!
  3. The pull of the darkside remains strong in this one-apparently I am limited only by the strength of my master-loosen the straps a little, dear.
  4. Ahh FunkyNewBlood my young Padewan.... you have learnt much, yet you still have so much to learn!
  5. Wer'e not on the hypothetical solar-system route A303 here are we?
  6. thought Jedi were supposed to be more interested in a princess rather than Countess, subsonic ;)
  7. The Force is strong in this one....

    It appears that we have both walked the same path....

    Everyone must admit that the UK has legalised brothels already in the form of Travel Inns etc. £49 a room, £40 spent on Alcopops in Salisbury - result! Until you discover Germany, or so i've been told...
  8. Sweet Jesus man, is there no end to the forums you dip in to on here? Truely amazing, nothing pases you by.

    It has been said that my middle finger is slighty over sized. Many a lady has commented on its performance in the ancient art of struming. However, it does play havoc with the roller wheel on my mouse.

    Its never really interested me, becoming a Jedi, what with all the amyl nitrate-laced oranges, carrier bags, bungee's round the neck etc. Plus I get claustrophobic, don't really want to see anyone elses 'light sabre' distant memory, never again Sir, never again! As Bn RSM can't make me do it........ and don't really consider my self an IT geek. I think i'd much rather become a Mason, administer myself a concoction of sleeping pills and Vodka and shag a chicken whilst reciting Waterloo by Abba.

    Still the TA, bunch of civvy...... hang on, I can't say that any more 8O
  9. what can i say, some of us can multi-task :)
  10. Whenever I see the avatar of Boba, I just wanna 'Yaaaar' at it in a Chewwy Stylee.

    Damn open source 'dirty' internet access at work, damn it to hell! How will I complete my weekly quota of fighting immorality and persecusion in the work place.

    Still, I've managed to put in place most of the things at work that we last discussed. You could say im using the Force......

    ..... of threatening language and physical abuse and raising my pimp hand to biatch slap some mo' fo's!

    Me and mine are good, hope you and yours are to!
  11. W@nk and drink a brew at the same time? :lol:
    You are my hero!

    Now, back to the TA.........
  12. Ahh my young Padewan, remember, walk softly and carry a big stick. If that fails to work, beat them to a pulp with the stick. They will soon learn to listen.

    Good to know your good lady and youngling are both well
  13. Light Side Sensitive
    You scored 13 on the Force Sensitivity/Jedi Chart!
    Others like you are: Princess Leia Organa, Mara Jade (during Thrawn trilogy), Luke Skywalker (before he met Obi-Wan) and Corran Horn (Before he began training).
    You are Light Side Sensitive, you have at least felt the graceful touch of the Force and have used it to your own or others advantage with mostly good intent in mind. You still have emotions that control you but you do have the well being of others in mind at least occasionally.

    You most likely have felt that you were particularly quick, whether with your reflexes or with your mind, and that what you have pursued in your life you have had an easier time accomplishing it then most. If you have not yet been discovered by the Jedi, you should at least try to train yourself to control it some, as its powers can help you and others. You are most like an Old Republic politician or a Rebellion leader as you most likely seek to help people.

    If you take the right track you may well be on your way to becoming a Jedi, concentrate on controlling your mind and emotions and seek the training of other Jedi.

  14. I was like Luke Skywalker in episode 4 apparently. and obi wan kenobi. i can see the resemblance to obi wan - old, past it, long forgotten by anybody important, and living in a cave somewhere on tatooine.

    ok, maybe not the last one :)
  15. Ah, I am a Jedi Master. But then I knew it, I was not ever going to be tempted to the Darkside of the Force.

    I felt the echoes of the force as mere distractions at the demise of the great Sith Lord of Thirteensigs. His passing was just a milestone on the road to equality within the Opmi System