For all the big kids out there

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_Blighty, Dec 20, 2004.

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  1. I didn't have one of these - my sister did, though, and grabbing and shaking it when she had just finished a complex rendering was a guaranteed way to be warned for Father's Orders. I did have a Spirograph, a system of cogs and wheels through which coloured pens could be inserted to produce complex patterns. I remember it cost 21/- and was considered expensive. I think the Bank of England use one to do the backgrounds on notes.
  2. VB I too had spirograph, in fact I bought a Super Spirograph on e-bay about 3 months ago thinking it would be ideal for little twicer. However, when it arrived it was in too good a nick to give it to a 2 year old so I'm keeping it. Hours of fun.

    Has anyone else bought something recently which reminded them of all their yesterdays?? :p
  3. curly wurlys but they used to be a lot bigger i'm sure :lol:
  4. Ooh, Spirograph - I had hours and hours and hours and hours of fun with mine. And have now decided to search for one online as a Christmas present to me from me.
  5. The Dunhill shop in Jermyn Street has a splendid window display made entirely of Meccano - very nostalgic.
  6. Ahh Meccano, now we're talking 8)

    My speciality was making extendable grabbers, and lifting the skirts of unsuspecting females :roll:
  7. A new DVD player and ...

    Thunderbirds DVD megaset - All the episodes - F*cking fantastic

    Captain Scarlet DVD boxed set - The absolute business , Madam :D
  8. Spirograph :lol:

    How soul destroying when you had spent ages creating a master piece only for one of the cogs to slip or even worse the pen go through the paper...!

    Did anyone else ever get a Domino Ralley kit?
  9. I had domino ralley! It was fab......

    And the best scalextric set "Le Mans"

    How Fab!
  10. Bought mine for £40 in mint condition, originaly on sale in 1972. Even had the original booklet, every single piece and the price on the side in LSD. Only problem was that the pens had dried up, but the new gel pens are fabulous.

    Mrs twicer complained about the price...... until I reminded her that any of the current board games are priced around £30 - £40 also.
  11. Women have no idea, do they? Anyway, most women would happily pay that much to have some MX-5 driving homo fcuk about with their hair for a couple of hours.