for all cmt /paramedics

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by bwtsninja, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. Loks like they have discussed that to death on the link anyway...
  2. Interesting to note that the walty European Association of Emergency Medical Technicians & Paramedics shows on the Companies House website as dissolved.

    Just in case any CMTs were thinking of giving them money for a worthless certificate.
  3. :x look guys we as cmt's are just out to do the job that we are trained to do. this constant bickering about our role is quite possibly the most childish thing i have seen in the army. the facts have to be looked at. a average cmt is expected to do his normal daily tasks of running accounts and painting and moving of boxes on a daily basis. but it must not be forgotten that when deployed on operations it is this same cmt who is out on the ground bringing in most of the time multiple cas to the irt or hosp. NOT A BODY BAG!!! some of the most bravest and humble cmts carry out this task on a daily basis. often spending more time on the ground than an average infanty bloke. show me a nurse or member of the flying circus who is likely to admit that.

    apart from the few and i mean few who do get on the paramedic course the rest of us are just left to deploy and hope that the books and manuals we read are enough to keep us clinicaly current. i wont mention clinical placements as they dont exsist at my posting. :x

  4. you forgot about putting up tents all the time as well.
  5. more accounts than tents. im affraid! just being honest but i do get the pleasure at least twice a year to do some camping!! :D
  6. Your not at 34 then they were allways getting the tents out
  7. I'm guessing the twice yearly camping trip will involve more Patrol Competitions and "back to basic" soldiering, than anything remotely medical, except for a b*llocking for not wearing a red cross arm band! ha ha.

  8. as i crab medic with tours of IRT on telic, i agree with you totally. i like most crabs enjoy giving CMT's grief whenever possible, but in deployed roles they are litterally lifesavers until IRT/MERT can get them away. Won't stop me giving them stick, but it is purely banter and have a lot of respect for CMT's in CS roles.
  9. This looks like someone's jumped on the discontent that has been around for years regarding CMT's not really having any civilian recognition for their qualifications. Paramedic is a term that gets banded around a lot and is more often than not misused by people who have no right to use it.
    When I was a CMT I had a lot of trauma experience in Bosnia back in '98 & '99 as part of the crash team in Sipovo, we were doing a paramedic role as we went out in ambulances to administer pre-hospital care in all sorts of situations - just as NHS paramedics do. I never felt under trained but saying that, never had to deal with paediatric, geriatric or obstetric emergencies.
    I'm now working in the oil industry and have had further training to get up to UKOOA/HSE standard, basically an ALS & thrombolysis course, have done the BASICS PHEC course but I don't call myself a paramedic.
    It could just be a "feel good" ticket for people who want to call themselves paramedics but aren't up to it.
  10. I was an MA and CMT never wanted to be a paramedic mil or civi. I would never take anything away from ambulance paramedics or techs they do a great job, but as an army medic more than once i was left in positions where I had to just get on with it. The nearest MO, NO or A&E was a helicopter trip away if available. I was left on my own for days or weeks without the backup of a modern A&E department. When you leave the Army leave the Army take the skills with you but like everything else in life you will have to start at the bottom and work up.
  11. Have taken my CMT2 (V) and tried to APL it for the civvie IHCD course that i am doing........The lead trainer only managed to APL 25% of what I had learned.!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. 25% APL is par normal for any university, college etc as it the max they will give.

    At the end of the day they are a business & they need to make money by offering you modules to complete the course.