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For £100000 you had to get some one so ugly to suck you off

I think you asked the wrong question though, as most blokes, including myself, would let their pet dogs nosh them off.

You should have asked who would you not nosh off for 100k, even then, with the recession and all, I can't think of anyone.
mark1234 said:
longlivethequeen said:
the only standards that i have are:

1. a pulse
2. female

For a hundred grand is No.2 a definate! 8O
No, I would suck c0ck for 100k, you can buy a lot of Listerine for 100k.
For 100k i doubt there's many on here who wouldn't, even when you think of the worst case scenario it's still 100k for little effort :lol:
yes being one myself (in the loosest sense)

I would say as I have matured though my standards have just got higher.

I think its fair assumption and wondered if anybody else standards have bettered with age

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