Footy or Rugger

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ralf, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. Having a debate at work...Me is a footy man :thumright:

    Rugger is full of homos that roll in mud and touch eat other :thumbdown:

    Are you a footy man or a rugger homo?
  2. Well only a botty banger would call Rugby 'Rugger'.

    Do you lift shirts?

    P.S off to the ARRSE Hole with this pish :yawnstretch:
  3. You have got to be fcuking joking.
  4. like to meet you at the bottom of a ruck!! :threaten: rugby is played by real men.
  5. [/quote]Having a debate at work...Me is a footy man

    Rugger is full of homos that roll in mud and touch eat other
  6. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Maybe you are right - come to Gloucester for a home fixture and quote yourself to find out :thumleft:
  7. Rugby is a gay sport???? I don't fucking think so popeye....
  8. Rugby, played by fat wanabe footballers, who wear their ears inside out and think that wearing a tie means that they can wander round in a pack boing the fcuk out of everyone in town on a Sat night.

    Rugby? Even the ball is bent. Army champs, 3 Para Mortars.
  9. Rugby LEAGUE is the game of the working class pit communities.

    The ball is always in play. You need to be strong and you can't lay
    on the ball. I'd like to see David Beckham last 3 minutes in a game :thumbdown:
  10. I have never wanted to be a footballer, ever. The notion of wearing my hair long, swearing at the ref, falling at even non-existant contact, having more beauty products than my wife, and wearing an earing has never held much sway in my eyes.

    Christ, I'd rather play hockey. THAT is a gay sport!
  11. Let me guess, did the big bad rugby boys pick on you??? :D
  12. I expected more of a bite than that...

    Still, early days ;-)
  13. Fookin hurrah to that......dazzmeister!

    League is the sport of kings, i defy any footy lezzer to play league at any level and say they're fit enough!

    I'm not that rugby prejudiced though, looking forward in a bizzare "looking at road accidents" kinda way to the 6 nations this weekend.

    However its 8 days and counting to the new super league season, and we have warrington at home first game..........can't wait! :thumleft:

    Edited once for being a spell spazz!!
  14. Mind you... you must be looking forward to seeing how Faz is going to do in the six nations?

    The Wire are starting to produce the goods at the spanking new stadia...
    as the pie eating hordes will see next friday! :numberone:

    I can't see you having as bad a season as the last one though!
  15. Roger that.
    Especially if Morley follows form and gets a hefty ban straight away. :thumleft:

    However, i reckon we can have a reasonable chance this season. Good thing that nobby gave up the GB job and can now concentrate on all things cherry and white.

    Quite a few big clubs have injury/ban drama's before the season starts you never know.

    Still be at grand final whoever is there :thumleft: