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I know this had slighty been covered before but this is slighty a different question

On long tabs (10 mile +) does anyone here strap up their feet FIRST using ZO tape or black tape or just leave it until they start to mess up and fix em using plasters, powder and alcohol

My boots are well worn in, the sock situation is sorted but my feet still give me gip

for long walks where I know my feet are going to sweat buckets/ get very wet I use compeed on hot spots (mainly my ankles due to previous injury) and ZO tape prior to departing....
Personally I don't have problems with my feet. I used to have problems with prolonged impact hurting the skin on the bottom of my feet but that appears to be sorted now i'm using Superfeet insoles.

As a rule, i'd avoid using alcohol to harden your feet up. Then the skin stays in one place (it's not flexible any more after all) while your foot moves and, after a while, you get tears and blisters.

Strapping up your feet premptively is just good drills.
I agree, prevention is better than cure, tape them up first if that's what it takes.

However, I have been told (but never found it to happen) that taping your feet can cause blisters (maybe if you don't do it right?).

Plenty of powder helps too, but not so much it gets clumpy.
"Moleskin" worked wonders for me whilst on exercise in the US. I put it on known hotspots and didn't get one blister for the whole of the FTX.

I had always had trouble with my feet before going on that course trying ZO, compeed etc., but I got introduced to moleskin just before I went out there last summer and haven't looked back since.
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