Footballers or soldiers?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Green_Homer, Jun 7, 2006.

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  1. Am currently engaged in a 'debate' with my football mad brother.

    He is arguing that a typical premership footballer is at a superior level of fitness then a typical infantry soldier. i.e that a footballer could carry out, on a purely physical basis (ie. not the actual job such as knowing section battle drills, shooting etc) the physical aspects (speed, strength and stamina) of an infantry soldier such as doing 2 live fire platoon attacks in sennybridge and be physically in better condition at the end then the soldier.

    He then argues that if a footballer took a vo2 max test (for all you PTIs out there, personally I know **** all about what that is but you apparently should) that they would score higher then a typical infantry soldier.

    Can anybody out there especially PTIs provide me with raw facts and figures in which I can present to him?

    Just for a chuckle, apparently fitness is more important to a footballer than to the soldier to do their relevant job...... :roll: but that's for another day
  2. Good question but I know in the mid-90's the front row of the All-Blacks rugby team used to get to Level 18/19 on the multi-stage shuttle run which I think is bloody impressive as I've seen booties wrap their tits in at the same level.

    FYI Beckham, even though he is a tw@t, can complete all 23 stages of the test.
  3. I'd put my money on the footballer. Pretty much every aspect of their training involves physical activity, whereas the training of a soldier is equally mental. There's probably major differences, ie give Beckham a 30lb bergan and tell him to march 20 miles and he'll probably drop within 10, but overall I'd say footballers have a higher level of fitness. (doesn't stop them being twats)
  4. He would be better off being given his wifes handbag and told to mince down to the nearest designer shop! I doubt he could lift a 30lb bergan let alone march with one.
  5. soldiers are fit, but they drink. professional footballers do not drink as much. we have much stronger and better muscular satrenght and endurance. we do different things. a footballer couldnt carry 25kg on his back for 8 miles, but i would like to see a solider chase ronaldo all round a ptich for 90 minutes. its a different type of fitness.
  6. Rather than chase Ronaldo.... I'd just shoot him....lets see him outrun a 5.56mm ..... train hard fight easy!!!
  7. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Its all a different kind of fitness. Although obviously not professional, my local college football team (who were regional champions at the time i believe) so were fairly fit, got into a similar discussion with a dance class. The girls invited them along to one of their classes which resulted in the footballers keeling over within 20 minutes. Pretty sure it was more to do with the exercises they were doing, and not the 17-18 year olds girls in their leotards etc...

    Anyway, you put the fittest squaddie in a premiership foot ball match for 90 minutes, and he wopuld probably struggle. However, as was said, put a bergan on beckham and tell him to tab 15 miles he would struggle as well...

    IMHO of course...
  8. Not that long a go Steve Claridge on the couple of weeks he was the Millwall boss took them along for the old insperational boot camp experience, one of the things they did was the BFT/PFT run, I think he got 7 min 40 secs, whjich ain't too shabby for a man of his age, so if you were testing footballers using that system they would probably win hands down

    Also don't forget that these guys earn a shed load of money for being fit and have directed fitness regime, you may argue that so does the army, but a morning run and puke after a night on the lash might not be the same standard.

    Personally I would like to see who they could manage a Cypriot run up and down the wadis in the heat after getting 20 mins sleep are staggering in after a night in Limasol, that will seperate the men from the boys
  9. Cheers for the responses guys, pretty much what I was arguing with the different types of fitness, however one of my arguments was that the footballer would only be good for around 90mins before starting to decline sharply in performance as they only train to do the job for 90mins with a (15min break in between!) in a fixed rules environment.

    We on the other hand operate in a pretty much ruleless (is that a word?) environment and if it came to it will have to simply knuckle down and go that bit further if asked of us. I acknowledge that in a fixed 90mins football match the footballer will have the advantage but at least the soldier will be able to put in a adequate performance however again as most of us have said give beckham a 55lb bergan on a 8miler then what are the odds of him successfully finishing in time (plus still in the squad)?
  10. Agree with the different type of fitness remarks.

    Was tasked with arranging "something different" for the early morning PT sessions a few (lots) of years ago, spoke to the resident Gym queen and he got the local civie aerobics instructor in.

    40 mins of prancing around to music and we were all jelly legged and breathing out of our hoops.
  11. Beckham with a bergan and a 8 mile tab? he probably would not even be sweating at the end. Footballers are extremely fit individuals and Beckham is apparantly top 3 in the England squad as regards overall fitness (Lampard and Neville score higher)

    Footballers are not just physically fit they are athletes.

    I would expect most top footballers to score above 15 in the bleep test. the average infantry soldier would probably score less than 12.
  12. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    I believe a side step is quite effective!
  13. This intrigues me because one of my theories on footballers is that they are able to achieve superior levels of fitness and skill because they are too thick to think about anything else. Soldiers on the other hand do have to have at least a modicum of intelligence about them and can therefore think of better things to do than twat about with a leather ball.
  14. I did wonder about all the stuff on the TV and Englands performance in Germany due to the heat, the team went through 70 Litres of water in 90 minutes and clearly struggled. I wonder if soldiers are more robust rather than being fitter, in a perfrect environment footballers perform well however soldiers take it all in their stride and cope better with unpredictable conditions. I wonder how Becks would cope in the 50C of Iraq, wearing CBA etc?
  15. If it were Squaddies it would have been 70 litres of ale and vodka. The side steps and dummies would have been a hell of a lot better.